Ok – we’re down to this vital topic once more because I feel many of us really need to rethink what we consider the major truth of life to be.   It’s a concept that we hold dear yet few appreciate its basis.   My main reason for writing about this is down a wonderful young Catholic friend of mine who while very religious steadfastly refuses to consider the Scriptures to be the Truth in the sense of being able to accept them as infallible and divinely provided.   Like so many she feels that the Bible has been written by men so immediately that makes everything in it unsound, but also has been translated so many times you can’t trust what’s in it.  However, she’s no problem accepting much of what the RCC puts out about their opinions and views on what the Bible contains.   And she has no answer for me when I ask her how she can determine which parts of the Bible she will allow herself to accept as being true in part – at least enough for her to base some modicum of faith in.

SO – my question thus is – for those like her and anyone else 1john5_13.jpgwith this view – where indeed do you stop??  If you decide that part of John’s Gospel might be accurate, but you can’t accept some bits of Paul’s writings or Mark’s writings – how could anyone ever state they were a Christian??  How could you determine that what Jesus said was true, or that (even as an RCC) He determined to found a church on anything?   You can’t have it both ways – you either have to determine it’s ALL Truth and you worship a God big enough to ensure that is the case – after all, He calls it HIS Word!!!   Or you determine that He is too weak a God to make sure that what He inspired the writers to write stayed accurate through every translation or even where it may differ slightly that He would use it to His Glory as He intended.   Please note I’m talking about Truth here, not whether scripture should be taken literally or not – there’s a major difference.    There are certain allegories used within scripture but the text usually reveals where those are quite easily on careful reading.

sacred_torah.jpgGod has stated that His Word is ETERNAL – never changing and always relevant.  And that is so true if you look at how it has been sustained since earliest mankind by the preciseness of Jewish Scribes who took their work so seriously they would destroy an entire manuscript if even one “jot” or “tittle” (punctuation marks) was misplaced or one letter written wrongly so there was no danger of them passing on errors in any way.   There is no other book known to man that has that ability to apply to every generation in its teachings and instruction.  

Jesus also was called the Word – and is most likely the Author of scripture too and thus it is no surprise that He quoted a LOT of what we call Old Testament scriptures in His time on this earth.   He took it seriously and so should we.   He didn’t say that the scriptures were untrustworthy or that His Word would only be of value for a certain period of time.   Nor did he say you should sift through it to choose what parts suited your own perceptions of how you should live your life. 

So why not make reading the TRUTH your New Year Resolution – discover its hidden depths and the awesome way in which prophecies written thousands of years ago are now being revealed to be uncannily accurate in their portrayal of current day events.   Once again, I highly recommend Chuck Missler’s bible studies for helping you discover the immense volume of knowledge contained within the pages of scripture, but for anyone who is not a Christian I would suggest you stick to the Gospels and learn from Jesus first and perhaps you will also discover why so many accept Him as their Saviour as He touches the innermost core of your being and brings you truly alive.   Blessings to all for 2008.