Forget 2012…check out the Judaic calendar instead!!

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2012 planet "clicker" ballsAll the hype about next year just makes me laugh at how fickle human beings are!   People are willing to believe in all the hype generated by the media and to actually panic on the back of it without really checking facts or figures about any of it.    They prefer to believe the predictions provided by a violent occultic race of people  who are long extinct as a culture (but not as a race, as some in Colombia trace their ancestry back to the Mayans still), rather than on much more solidly accurate predictions provided by those whom God Himself called HIS chosen people, the Jews, who are still very much alive today despite all attempts by others to make them extinct as a culture!!   The bible as we know it has been around for 4-5000 years or longer and contains “predictions” made by God Himself and He should know what He has ordained will happen in the future since He’s the only One who “knows the end from the beginning”:

“Remembering former things from forever; for I am God, and no other is God, even none like Me, declaring the end from the beginning, and from the past things which were not done, saying, My purpose shall stand, and I will do all My pleasure; …..” Isa 46: 9-10

In scripture God has provided a lot of information on what will happen in the “last days” and while, certainly, we most definitely are in the “last days” they are not the absolute last days – but rather the last days before Jesus returns to the world to set up his millenial Kingdom (a 1000-year reign on earth).     Prophecies clearly laid out in scripture which have already been fulfilled are all of those relating to Jesus’ birth, death, and resurrection, the early years of history prior to Jesus’ birth including the fall of the Roman Empire, the scattering of the Jewish people, and the rebirth of the Jewish nation, complete with its own language (Hebrew).   If you want to know all of those already fulfilled then head to Israel Prophecies – you can find many unusual ones in there you may never have heard of or come across but are absolutely accurately fulfilled.   These last days leave only a handful by comparison yet to come to pass, and almost all of these relate to Jesus (Yeshua) and how He will complete this particular portion of history by His return to His people (the Jews) who will see Him finally for Who He truly is, and accept Him as their Messiah, before He engages the world in the infamous battle of Armageddon (at Har Megiddo).

However, the world refuses to accept biblical authority in any shape or form, much preferring man’s own writings as trustworthy despite most having been shown throughout history to be anything but in many cases.    And it’s only when you do accept the Bible/Torah as your starting point for Truth that you can truly unravel the real secrets of the future.

The world has absolutely been created in 6 days as Genesis claims (Jewish time book imageGod says what He means and means what He says) and He specifically then had a rest day on the 7th – He didn’t need a rest but perhaps He knew in modelling his future creation that it would need one.   My contention is that as He says through scripture that a day is as a thousand years in his sight, there will be 6000 years before He once again provides a “rest day” for the world and my personal view is that that point will be up ahead when Christ returns to rule the world for the Millenial Reign.   If you consider that the oldest reliable still in use calendar available is the Jewish one and it’s currently standing at 5771, I figure we’ve perhaps 230 years left before that point.    However, please don’t misunderstand my stance on this – I am absolutely categorically NOT date setting in any sense as even the Jewish calendar is most likely inaccurate to at least a few years if not longer.  Things will move at His pace not ours and we certainly cannot and will not bring around our own destruction in any measure.   But scripture lays out the ‘game plan’ for the future of mankind and the earth and more clearly than any other book on earth.

So if you’ve been getting hugely nervous by all the hype about 2012 or any other date up ahead, don’t – instead get hugely nervous about the day you’ve just been given to live as it’s the ONLY one you have any certainty about!!   It’s far more important we consider every day to be possibly our last day and live accordingly, because one day or rather one second, quite suddenly you will discover it was and before you have a chance to say or do anything you may find yourself in the presence of an awesome Creator & Judge who will convict you according to your sins, and unless you have an Advocate before that Throne (in the person of Yeshua/Jesus) you will find no other defence acceptable, as God gave Him to be the final, perfect, and acceptable sacrifice for the sins of all mankind.

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.  Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only Son of God.”   John 3: 16-18


God DID allow the Holocaust…

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Provocative statement you might say, but before you start all firing at me for saying it, let me run through my reasons for doing so.  Much of how you will read this post will depend on where you’re coming from in your relationship with G-d:

1:  If you are an unbeliever in G-d to start with, well you’ve a lot more problems to face than just dealing with the point I’m going to make in this post, namely, that you need to accept you are a sinner in G-d’s eyes and repent and seek His forgiveness, provided for you through the sacrifice of Yeshua (Jesus) on the Cross.

2:  If you are a believer in G-d but maybe haven’t connected to who Yeshua is or what He has done for you, you should consider spending some time attending church or listening to solid bible-based sermons about salvation and then do the same as those in # 1 above.

3:  If you are a Christian but can’t accept the statement then you need to reconsider the G-d you say you are committed to serving i.e. the G-d of scripture and not the G-d of Catholicism or the G-d of your own imagination, or whatever.

4:  Finally, if you are a Jew and particularly if you have relatives who’ve been through the Holocaust,  or you are a devoutly religious Jew, I appreciate that what I’m going to say is most likely going to offend you to some degree, but I would ask you to not have a knee-jerk reaction without considering the Truth within the statements I’m about to make.   You, above all, have a greater responsibility to ensure that you understand the nature of the G-d Who chose you as His People, and Who has led you to the point where you are now reading this article.


Have you desired to be forgiven lately??

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Forgiveness reasons

For many people, the concept of forgiveness for something either done to them, or that they have done to someone else, is something that either is of no interest, or conversely causes great anguish and distress.   And ultimately for the person who has a thriving conscience (a gift from God by the way!) they will do whatever it takes to gain the peace that can only come from resolving this need.   But while we can manage to forgive people to some extent, most of us will discover we will not be able to do it fully, solely in our own strength and certainly as Christians, we are required to ask God for His strength to enable us to forgive someone.   And ultimately it’s placed in our awareness every single time we recite the “Lord’s” prayer, that we cannot gain forgiveness ourselves unless we do indeed forgive others who’ve wronged us, and in fact, Jesus gives the impression that it is also to whatever extent we forgive others that our own forgiveness will be provided by God, so it’s a hugely important area to deal with. 

But the point of this particular post is aimed somewhat at my Jewish friends – those at least who’re willing to read something of a “Gentile, Christian” viewpoint – because I think forgiveness and everything involved in it from the point of view of our relationship with God, is hugely important when it comes to a Jew determining to know more about his Messiah.   One of the threads running through Judaism is a continual desire to please God, and since the destruction of the 2nd Temple, Jews have endlessly turned to many ways of attempting to do this.   But one aspect of life has never been able to be fully dealt with by the multitude of Mitzvots undertaken by any religious Jew, and that is in this whole area of forgiveness. 


The Truth, the whole Truth and nothing BUT the Truth!


Ok – we’re down to this vital topic once more because I feel many of us really need to rethink what we consider the major truth of life to be.   It’s a concept that we hold dear yet few appreciate its basis.   My main reason for writing about this is down a wonderful young Catholic friend of mine who while very religious steadfastly refuses to consider the Scriptures to be the Truth in the sense of being able to accept them as infallible and divinely provided.   Like so many she feels that the Bible has been written by men so immediately that makes everything in it unsound, but also has been translated so many times you can’t trust what’s in it.  However, she’s no problem accepting much of what the RCC puts out about their opinions and views on what the Bible contains.   And she has no answer for me when I ask her how she can determine which parts of the Bible she will allow herself to accept as being true in part – at least enough for her to base some modicum of faith in.

SO – my question thus is – for those like her and anyone else 1john5_13.jpgwith this view – where indeed do you stop??  If you decide that part of John’s Gospel might be accurate, but you can’t accept some bits of Paul’s writings or Mark’s writings – how could anyone ever state they were a Christian??  How could you determine that what Jesus said was true, or that (even as an RCC) He determined to found a church on anything?   You can’t have it both ways – you either have to determine it’s ALL Truth and you worship a God big enough to ensure that is the case – after all, He calls it HIS Word!!!   Or you determine that He is too weak a God to make sure that what He inspired the writers to write stayed accurate through every translation or even where it may differ slightly that He would use it to His Glory as He intended.   Please note I’m talking about Truth here, not whether scripture should be taken literally or not – there’s a major difference.    There are certain allegories used within scripture but the text usually reveals where those are quite easily on careful reading.

sacred_torah.jpgGod has stated that His Word is ETERNAL – never changing and always relevant.  And that is so true if you look at how it has been sustained since earliest mankind by the preciseness of Jewish Scribes who took their work so seriously they would destroy an entire manuscript if even one “jot” or “tittle” (punctuation marks) was misplaced or one letter written wrongly so there was no danger of them passing on errors in any way.   There is no other book known to man that has that ability to apply to every generation in its teachings and instruction.  

Jesus also was called the Word – and is most likely the Author of scripture too and thus it is no surprise that He quoted a LOT of what we call Old Testament scriptures in His time on this earth.   He took it seriously and so should we.   He didn’t say that the scriptures were untrustworthy or that His Word would only be of value for a certain period of time.   Nor did he say you should sift through it to choose what parts suited your own perceptions of how you should live your life. 

So why not make reading the TRUTH your New Year Resolution – discover its hidden depths and the awesome way in which prophecies written thousands of years ago are now being revealed to be uncannily accurate in their portrayal of current day events.   Once again, I highly recommend Chuck Missler’s bible studies for helping you discover the immense volume of knowledge contained within the pages of scripture, but for anyone who is not a Christian I would suggest you stick to the Gospels and learn from Jesus first and perhaps you will also discover why so many accept Him as their Saviour as He touches the innermost core of your being and brings you truly alive.   Blessings to all for 2008.