If you believe in evolution then you need to learn biology…

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I never cease to be amazed at how supposed intelligent rational thinking scientists forever put that intelligence & rationality in their back pocket when it comes to the subject of creation.  Why do they prefer to consider that mankind “evolved” from apes & monkeys (& all the way back to single-celled organisms) rather than consider we are created by an awesome God?  They twitter on about all the “evidence” for evolution and throw out crazy figures like 150 million years ago in the hope that the more they bandy about such terms the more society will accept them, & sadly, for the most part, they’re right.  Too many nowadays prefer to get their “truth” from television & biased BBC programs rather than actually investigate any alternative, lest it point them in a direction they truly do not wish to ever go.

dna_500 But there is indeed evidence in abundance in every single living creation on the planet to prove their theories are wrong, yet when faced with it, they just shout all the louder that they are right, & creationists are so very wrong.  But I have no concerns of their erroneous position ever actually becoming the right one, as while they can warble on endlessly about fossils, carbon dating & other things they insist point to evolution, I just sit back & throw out one word which they really can’t deal with as it invariably throws 90% of their arguments out the window.  And that one word – DNA.  Yep, the basic building block of life – the life that evolutionists insist had to start out as nothing & then become something without any Divine input!!  Yet without DNA no life can exist and not just DNA but its counterpart – Messenger RNA.  You can’t have one without the other, & both are arguably the most complex protein molecules on the planet.  But we’re expected to believe that somehow time & little else produced DNA as well as everything else.   But the evolutionists neatly sidestep that whole thorny topic of how DNA came into being given it’s a zillion times more complex in itself than the first organism in the chain that’s supposed to somehow end up with mankind!!!  However, even an article in Evolution News & Views alludes to the design in mRNA as well as throwing out another long-famed argument of evolutionists – that of “junk DNA/RNA”.  It also accepts the enormous complexity involved in just a single 4-amino acid sequence coming into being and how mRNA is considered even more complex than DNA due to its dual role in DNA production.  For life to be formed from all the materials we have available to us from scratch, we would have to engineer or design it to function, and that’s the whole point. Life has the appearance of being engineered, and points in the direction of a Designer & one with a rather exceptionally higher level of intelligence than us!!

But the evolutionists, utterly intent & locked into their worldview, continue to just consider all of this information, while bothersome, to be just another thing that the passage of time will sort out, & in their view prove their hypothesis.  In other words, no amount of alternative evidence, regardless of how concrete will ever convince them otherwise, because they’ve all too much to lose, from credibility through to major investment in research projects & employment etc.   Sadly it’s a flaw of human nature that sometimes when we fix our worldview & opinions in one direction, few are willing to truly consider any objections to it lest they prove right, & then huge decisions will have to be made which may change lives.

But even if you’re dead set on accepting evolution as a worldview I’d still suggest you consider your reasons why!  Is it because you’ve just accepted all you’ve heard about it and figure it makes sense to you – in that case I’d suggest you go and spend a bit of time doing some more meaningful research into your opinion before fixing it.   Or perhaps you’ve spent most of your life pursuing the evolutionary aspect and thus to ever consider it errant or faulty, would be to have to accept you’ve wasted most of your life, & madna-detailed-structure-5ybe face criticism & ridicule should you change your views now?  I would just ask – what’s worse – continuing to live in ignorance & accept something that even on the most basic level is utterly flawed, or seek out the more plausible reason for everything you know – a Person Who can provide more than just answers to creation questions, but answers to sin questions etc too.  Or is it because you really don’t want to consider a Creator God just might be real and if you accept He created everything, then other things you don’t want to accept might just be true too?   Then you do have a serious dilemma – ultimately whether you accept evolution or not as a worldview isn’t going to kill you, but denying God & ultimately the existence of Jesus absolutely will, not just in this lifetime but eternally!   It’s far more important that you get to know the Saviour of the world Who will determine your eternal future, & in doing so, you’ll also find a lot of your creation/evolution questions answered along the way.   Jesus alone is the Way, the Truth, & the Life, & only in Him can you find real life both here & eternally.

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”   John 14:6

“…..but has now been revealed by the appearing of our Saviour Jesus Christ, who has abolished death and brought life and immortality to light through the gospel….”    2 Timothy 1:10

If yankerberg-show-512x288-v1ou are in a position of genuine desire to know all angles of the issue, and you’ve heard all the evolutionary “evidence”, then please consider spending some time hearing this mini-documentary on the John Ankerberg show a while back – The DNA enigma.  It might not provide all the refutation possible, but will go a long way to countering much of the error pushed out from the evolutionary camp, and from a Christian point of view.  If, however, you’d prefer a secular scientific approach then you could check out http://www.biologicinstitute.org/post/20025768653/of-codes-and-rna but be warned this is a fairly complex topic.

Ultimately, every argument has 2 sides and thus each person has to make their choice on which side they will stand, but at least ensure that you’re standing on a side you’ve comfortably researched until convinced of its worth, rather than just standing on a viewpoint because it’s where your peers are or others you respect, or worse, because you’re just too lazy to bother finding out the truth of it.

As ever, I welcome comments, but please provide them on the basis of the evidence, & not my writing ability etc!  Thanks.


Science once again openly “playing God”….Pt 1

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Spider-goat milking

Adam Rutherford, left, and Randy Lewis milk Freckles, the silk-producing goat. Photograph: BBC

Watching the BBC program “Horizon:  Playing God” recently had me both transfixed and horrified at the depths to which scientists are prepared to go to get ahead of others in their field, & to be the ones to provide the next new world-changing concept.

Having a strong interest in science myself, I can honestly understand where scientists are coming from on one level, in constantly wanting to break new ground, & find new things, or improve on old ideas etc, but at some point there has to be some sanity within the discipline that recognises that some things truly aren’t meant to be tampered with, & while they may feel that need outweighs any possible detriment in the short term, one has to wonder what the long term repercussions will be.   Science now is already well into blurring the boundaries on all levels as we’re continually indoctrinated, by the multitude of natural history TV programs. into believing that we’ve “evolved” from the animal kingdom anyway, so we should be quite comfotrtable about mixing ourselves back into it again.


The complexity of creation …

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The more I look at the complexity of creation the more in awe I am of our Creator God.   Evolutionists sadly refuse to contemplate Him as the ultimate Creator for many reasons, yet they are continually being faced by evidence which they refuse to accept points to even a limited view of Him – namely Intelligent Design.   However, even I in my limited knowledge and understanding can see SO many places evolution falls down in its vain attempts to overthrow God and the biggest area is DNA.   Known to be the building blocks of life scientists are only now discovering that even the “simplest” of organisms on the planet have extremely complex genetics and DNA.   Evolutionists never seem to stop and see the ultimate stupidity in holding to a view that says that time alone could create anything complex let alone the complexity of DNA required to even “start” life!!    How could even the simplest of organisms survive long enough to even somehow figure out it needs to replicate (which somewhere along the way demands intelligence of some form whether internally or externally)?   How could there ever have been a food chain of any form to keep populations in check if predators had to “evolve” and realise they had to eat certain organisms below them (what they maybe once were themselves supposedly) to survive?   If indeed it took “billions of years” for the simplest of organisms to evolve into something more complex, by that time (if they did indeed manage to figure out replication first – which requires DNA by the way), then they would have overrun the earth and probably destroyed it and themselves in the process.   While we tend to centre on mammalian evolution plants seem to get forgotten about – and given they too also have very specific DNA how could they “evolve” fast enough to protect themselves against being eaten by the lowest mammals (before they figured out they needed to eat themselves or lower species)?    Oh I know the diehards will respond that obviously not all died and those that didn’t  “evolved” further to  add those  improvements in to their DNA for the next generation, but that’s really grasping at straws IMHO.  There are more holes in their worldview than enough yet few truly take the time to investigate before just blithely holding to it because they don’t want to have anything to do with religion yet at the same time need an answer to that age-old question on “Why are we here?” or “How did life begin?”


There IS proof God exists….


I truly believe you can prove God exists in multiple ways, but the best is in firstly accepting that the Bible is His Word to His creation, and thus obviously He will reveal Himself through it.   But aside from the obvious texts where God just states who He is, He has placed a lot of material in there to prove Himself to a sceptical world, and to those who at the very least, are willing to consider it.

clearingThe most important proof is still Creation.   I know many of you who read this blog subscribe to Darwin’s theories, but just stop and think laterally for once.   Aside from the unbelievable twists you have to take to provide any mechanism for getting from goo to a zoo let alone mankind, think about this.   If man had evolved from an ape no matter how many years it might have taken him to get intelligence (personally I think he’d have become extinct before it could have ever been a reality but anyway), after all that hard work and billions of years of evolving why,  but why would he then have determined he needed to create a god in any sense?   Would he not have figured he was a god to have come so far in his own journey of evolution –  it would have been a backward step to consider having any Being above him, let alone a God who would demand so much!???


Science lesson circa 4500 AD!!

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Following on the hidden info in Genesis, and in part related to that, I discovered there are science lessons within the bible and given to some famous names too!   Job got the best one coming towards the end of his trials, but David had a few too given the incredible information held in some of his psalms.   We read so many of those superficially without thought of the reality of what we’re reading about.

The following is taken from Chuck Missler’s teaching on Genesis where he outlines God’s science lesson to Job better than I ever could.

Allusions Included in Job 38:

  • The rotation of the earth 12-15
  • The springs and pathways of the sea 16
  • The breadth of the earth 18
  • The travel of light 19
  • The dividing of light 24
  • The source of rain, and ice 28-30
  • The universal nature of physical laws 33
  • Electrical communications 35

Scientific Insights

  • Hydrological cycle (evaporation, circulation, precipitation ): Job 28:24-27; how do clouds stay aloft? Air, wind, have weight; water weighs more than air; how is it supported?
  • Space/Time/Mass universe: “He stretcheth out the north over empty space, and hangeth the earth upon nothing” (Job 26:7). The “morning stars singing” at the foundation of the earth? (Job 38:7).

5] Who hath laid the measures thereof, if thou knowest? or who hath stretched the line upon it?
6] Whereupon are the foundations thereof fastened? or who laid the corner stone thereof;
7] When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy?

“…foundations”: Even today we only beginning to understand the fabric of space, the nature of matter, and space-time, etc. “Sons of God”: These were not “the lines of Seth!” Bene Elohim, is always used of a direct creation of God; here, angels.


Evolution is dead – evidence finally available to prove its demise :)


Bet that caught your attention eh?   Well, ALL Christians already know this fact – evolution is NOT a proven theory in any shape or form, nor is it a viable one given the vast diversity and volume of creation on the planet.   But Evolutionthere’s a specific reason for my title and it’s not just to be reactionary.   I have been watching a lot of David Attenborough’s (who’s a hardened atheist) nature programs lately, and while he’s blethering on about some aspect of creation having “evolved over x billion years” I’m awestruck at the beauty of the animal, bird or fish (or indeed insect!) he’s describing.   But he lets himself get equally caught up in that beauty when he then goes on to describe the creatures “design” as ever ascribing such “design” to evolution.   Now excuse me – but where else on this entire planet or in history has anything that has “design” come into being without a DESIGNER???   Have houses evolved from mud huts all on their own?  Have ships evolved from canoes on their own over x billions of years?   Can anyone think of anything else that has a form of design that wasn’t brought into being by a designer of some type or another (whether human or computer!)??   Because if you can, please enlighten me.   And if you can’t then please also explain why it is that only with creation is the Designer removed from the equation, and we’re told to believe that the awesome, incredible, inspiring, unique beings we share this wonderful planet with all started off as some amoebic goo (who designed the ameoba or the goo!?) and somehow over eons of time with nobody watching it, each managed to become the incredible creations they are today?  

Ultimately, it follows that the primary reason is because of what God Himself said – that creation testifies to Him as the Designer and Creator, and thus those who try to state otherwise, do so because they are rebellious and refusing to acknowledge His existence, and feel this is the easiest way to do it.   Sadly they’re mistaken, because no matter how hard they try they can never come close to understanding a zillioneth of the secrets of this planet.   For instance (sticking with the said atheist), “why is it that there is marine life living in the darkest and deepest depths of the ocean that defies all known logic and science as they do so in many cases without light or even oxygen”?   There are volcanic type “chimneys” way down there that are as hot as 400 degrees C yet are supporting life in multiple forms quite happily – poor David A is at a loss to explain how.   And he pointed out that there are some new species of fish and marine life that even defy classification because as yet they don’t know exactly what they are e.g. plant or fish.   My favourite remains the “Dumbo” fish – so named after its flapping “ear” fins ( see this post).    


It’s not that I don’t believe in dinosaurs or many of the other ‘ancient’ life that is no more on this planet – just that I don’t believe they existed billions or even millions of years ago.   If (as all Christians should!) we take Genesis as a true account of creation, then God created the dinosaurs and all other long lost fauna and flora on the 5th Day, and Adam thus quite likely even named them!!   Thus their existence most likely ended with the flood in Noah’s day, which is extremely plausible given the evidence out there that they became extinct quite suddenly and not gradually.  Ken Ham is the absolute best person I know around for his brilliant explanations of the errors of evolution and truth of creation – check him out at this link and listen to the talk – one of a couple available there.   If you’re into torrenting, then you should be able to find some of his even better talks floating around on some of the religion torrent sites. 

Please also note we’re talking about evolution here – not natural selection or other variabilities that do occur in nature and are well documented and proven.  I’m making one tiny point that a rational, sane person with a willingness to be objective, can see causes a huge problem for evolution theorists – and if you as a Christian have sadly bought into their errant theories, perhaps it’s time to rethink your viewpoint.   Personally, I don’t believe you can call yourself a Christian, and then deny the actions of the One you’re supposed to be serving – scripture states that Jesus created everything:

John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

John 1:2 The same was in the beginning with God. 

John 1:3 All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.

So you really can’t follow Jesus and believe in evolution in any shape or form.  Or do you disagree?   Feel free to debate the point :)!

“Evolution – a hurricane passing through a junkyard having the good fortune to assemble a Boeing 747!”

NB – haven’t forgotten that this post was supposed to be a follow-on to the last.  Just finalising the sequel later today d.v., so should have it up sometime tonight.

(Image from http://www.mnsu.edu/emuseum/biology/evolution/)