To all my loyal and many visitors and supporters – thank you SO much for your patience and endurance in continuing to encourage me to start writing again.  Unfortunately this isn’t an outcome of that encouragement as I’m not yet really up to writing anything of solid value, but instead come as I do now & again to share my few interests in crafts & music.  So while this is a ridiculously short message, it comes with a huge wish for you to all have a truly amazing Christmas season, and I hope the following will bless you in some measure.  Until next year when I might hopefully manage to put up some posts, Merry Christmas. 🙂

The cards are a small sample of my designs for this year – many totally new.

And then to provide some musical enjoyment – here’s a small selection of my favourite singer/songwriter Christmas music for you:

First up is an incredible orchestral piece by Smitty – even if you’re not into orchestral type music this is truly one to listen to & guaranteed to have you wanting more.


This one again features Smitty and is a more familar tune to most:

Then a slightly different tone from Smitty but another switched up rendition of Ring the Bells by BIg Daddy Weave.

And finally a real rousing song by Chris Tomlin