Since my health has deteriorated so much this year, it’s been quite tough keeping up with my interests of reading, writing & card making in particular.  So I figure, while I’m holding my own & managing to stay out of hospital for the timebeing, I’d fire up some of the card designs I have actually managed to make since starting them way back in July.  I was only out of hosp then too, but wisely figured it better to try & get ahead of myself for the season, & sure enough ended up losing the whole of September to another couple of admissions too :(.

So here’s a few of this year’s crop – forgive the odd one which is a bit blurry – arthritic hands don’t make for easy photos!!  And of course, as always, if you should fancy buying any, then please head over to my card site at Gentle Touch Cards – not all of these designs are on there yet, but there are plenty of others that might interest you.

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