I’m sure some of my longtime visitors think I’ve fallen off the edge of the planet or been raptured (I wish!) but no, I’m still here ok.   I just had a rather rough year last year and really haven’t had my head in gear to write anything of any value (& perhaps still not fully).

I developed some minor health problems last March where I lost a stone of weight which I then couldn’t regain for anything.  The problem didn’t impact me overly until November when I then had my 1st ever interaction with the infamous Norovirus (more fondly known as the “winter vomiting bug”).   Because of my compromised poor health state (I was only 98 pounds in weight – roughly 7 st) I landed in hospital for a week getting treatment & fluids, but inevitably dropped my weight further down to 6-1/2 st.   I recovered fairly well and was just starting to really pick up when 3 weeks later, I succumbed yet again to a 2nd bout of it (apparently highly unusual to do so in such a short space of time).   Another week in hospital with another weight drop, but again I managed to recover quite well and am thankfully now once again improving steadily.

But the Lord graciously always brings good out of bad, and while I was lying in abject misery on a hard A&E trolley for 12 hours the first time around, I knew He’d do so in this situation, & sure enough, I got the one thing I’d been begging for, for the previous 5 months without success – to see the GI docs to try and get some investigations into why I couldn’t gain the weight.  So that process has now literally just begun on Friday (they had to wait until I’d fully recovered from the virus).

So as I struggle to regain the weight and cope with the difficulties presented currently, my writings here may be very sporadic or perhaps even nonexistent for a while.   But trust me, as soon as I have energy and opinions enough to share, I’ll be quick getting them up for you, so trust you can hold on & be patient a while longer 🙂