On a similar yet slightly different note to my last post, medicine is forging ahead rapidly too with many advances it deems to be wonderful in the hope of curing many diseases.  Genetic tampering will know few bounds in the future as more and more genes are being considered for removal prior to birth to prevent all manner of things from Down’s syndrome right through to the entire concept of evil – yep, you heard that right – apparently scientists consider they’ve now located a gene that can predispose someone to evil intent be it becoming a psychopath or just a shoplifter, someday you can have a baby scanned for it, & have it removed (Horizon, BBC 2011-2012   link may not be sustained).

This made me think of how much further God will allow science to progress in the future, and I’m expecting quite a long way indeed.  A verse in Revelation used to have me wondering how it could really come to pass and I’m now beginning I think to see some of what the future my hold. The verse in question is:

And in those days men will seek death and will not find it. And they will long to die, and death will flee from them.  Rev 9:6

I used to think surely all they would have to do is slit their wrists, shoot themselves,  or commit suicide in some other fashion & death would be no problem.  Now I’m more convinced that at some point up ahead scientists will state that they have found the means finally to ensure the last enemy – death will be overcome & not by Jesus’ death on the cross neither, but by them instead, because by that stage, they will be of a generation that will neither have knowledge of Jesus nor any desire for true spiritual input to their lives & thus will be utterly oblivious to the repercussions of their actions in this area, or what scripture says about the events of their lifetime.

The boundaries of science are being eroded constantly as man continues to advance on his quest to become eternal this side of the grave.  Advances in gene technology in particular appear to be paving the way to this incredible concept – this article relates to cell death in mice with respect to Parkinson’s disease and while not in itself seemingly a bad thing, it’s the propensity to take it to a “logical conclusion” that is concerning most within the religious community as well as some scientists.

While God continues to allow mankind to push the boundaries of science (& morality) to places many feel neither should go, it is encumbent on all of us to be cautious about rushing to embrace every new thing that either suggests is necessary for any reason.  Doctors & scientists are enveloped in their own world of reasoning, sometimes seeming incapable of stretching their theories out to a more logical conclusion, and few certainly would ever dream of looking to scripture to determine whether their ideas should become reality.   But scripture shows that many of these new inventions & ideas will indeed form part of a very dangerous world up ahead – that ruled by the “AntiChrist”.   And while many of us would prefer not to give him the light of day, he is a legitimate person in future history who will use all of these concepts & inventions to his advantage, especially on the war front.

So be cautious when you hear of the latest invention coming from the scientific community – don’t race to embrace everything just because it sounds good.   Research everything as best you can and remember some things may give you a short term temporary benefit but a long term death sentence (think of the repercussions of accepting the 666 mark!).

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