Most of you regular visitors know I make my own cards as therapy for my multiple chronic pain conditions, and as family seem to manage to increase their needs every year I end up with some asking me for up to 100 cards.  I don’t sell as such so am lucky if they donate something to my stock costs but more often it’s goods in kind or help in some other way.  I don’t mind too much – the Lord provides for me to be able to make them & I’m grateful people like them enough to want. 

However, this year saw me producing the most time consuming & dearest cards to date – what I’ve fondly termed my “Specials”.   These were loosely based on the work of a relatively well known card stamper in England (Bev Rochester) who produces the most amazing work.  While I’d never done any amount of stamping before her cards were too good to not want to try and replicate so I invested in a few stamps, and a quantity of the more expensive Copic markers & off I went.   First attempts were ok but nothing major, but practice makes perfect, & hopefully if I manage to get more time to put into them they’ll get closer to what I really want – PERFECTION!!!  Well as good as those I’m emulating at least.

But since I really didn’t have time to put into the extra workload stamping was causing me, I figured I’d just continue on making the “topper” type that had proven to be winners in the General cards earlier in the year, so used the wonderful Thomas Kinkade images supplied by Joanna Sheen & made up a quantity which have gone down just as well with everyone of course then wanting more.   So looks like I’m going to be working hard for the foreseeable to try & stockpile up enough for next year to keep everyone happy.  If you’re interested in seeing more of my cards and/or want to buy any – swing by my blog or card shop website – see links in sidebar.

I’ve not managed to make anywhere near the normal volume of cards I’d usually undertake in a Christmas season from August to November, as I spent a lot of time on these only managing to make maybe 1 over 3 days and then having to try and push out some “ordinary” cards as well, so most of my family have had much reduced orders this year.  It’s not been helped by my health issues always causing havoc unexpectedly and with my pain levels increasing & now having switched to another morphine type med I’m equally hampered with not being able to stay focused for long, finding myself endlessly distracted, so less gets done.   But it’s been an enjoyable season for all that.

So now you can see perhaps why I’ve had so little time for blogging.  As I continue on making C. cards right through until mid February it makes for a very long Christmas season, but the nicest one for all that.  I’m intending on taking some time off them next month as I’m housebound for a few weeks now until my pain meds settle in & I can get out driving again.

Hopefully I can get something up before Christmas worth reading for you all :).   Thanks for stopping by.