This time it’s on my cards.   Figured I needed an outlet to write about my other passion and to also have the means to better sell my creations and somehow pay for the crazy outlay I seem to have in making them.    I got obsessed recently with a different style of card to my usual which has utterly captivated me and pushed me to invest yet more into my hobby.   Sadly the Government doesn’t pay me enough to really let loose on the biggies of the hobby (die cutting machines or a full set of Copic markers!) but I’m grateful I have enough to save a little weekly and over time invest in the more basic requirements and enjoy this form of therapy all the more.

Morehead easel cardAnd, for me, that’s exactly what it is – therapy.   When you suffer with chronic pain you often need something other than medication to distract you from it and the card making is one option for me which works quite well.   I miss my degree studying so much as it was about the best – your brain can’t concentrate on 2 particular things at once – pain and concentration, so the latter always won and for the short time I was studying, the pain was easier.   But I completed the degree in 2002 and since then quite rapidly started to notice my pain a whole lot more, until now where many days it overwhelms me.   Making the cards is hugely painful too, but the end result makes the pain worth it.

So head over to Tikvah Treasures (sadly on another platform only because of the huge variety of options available to create it as I wanted) and enjoy the forthcoming creations.   Oh and if you really like any of them, please consider buying one knowing you’re helping keep me sane!!!   They’ll be available on Ebay until I manage to recover my card site which was deleted by a villianous hacker recently causing me yet more pain in the hours it will take me to fix it all.