The more I look at the complexity of creation the more in awe I am of our Creator God.   Evolutionists sadly refuse to contemplate Him as the ultimate Creator for many reasons, yet they are continually being faced by evidence which they refuse to accept points to even a limited view of Him – namely Intelligent Design.   However, even I in my limited knowledge and understanding can see SO many places evolution falls down in its vain attempts to overthrow God and the biggest area is DNA.   Known to be the building blocks of life scientists are only now discovering that even the “simplest” of organisms on the planet have extremely complex genetics and DNA.   Evolutionists never seem to stop and see the ultimate stupidity in holding to a view that says that time alone could create anything complex let alone the complexity of DNA required to even “start” life!!    How could even the simplest of organisms survive long enough to even somehow figure out it needs to replicate (which somewhere along the way demands intelligence of some form whether internally or externally)?   How could there ever have been a food chain of any form to keep populations in check if predators had to “evolve” and realise they had to eat certain organisms below them (what they maybe once were themselves supposedly) to survive?   If indeed it took “billions of years” for the simplest of organisms to evolve into something more complex, by that time (if they did indeed manage to figure out replication first – which requires DNA by the way), then they would have overrun the earth and probably destroyed it and themselves in the process.   While we tend to centre on mammalian evolution plants seem to get forgotten about – and given they too also have very specific DNA how could they “evolve” fast enough to protect themselves against being eaten by the lowest mammals (before they figured out they needed to eat themselves or lower species)?    Oh I know the diehards will respond that obviously not all died and those that didn’t  “evolved” further to  add those  improvements in to their DNA for the next generation, but that’s really grasping at straws IMHO.  There are more holes in their worldview than enough yet few truly take the time to investigate before just blithely holding to it because they don’t want to have anything to do with religion yet at the same time need an answer to that age-old question on “Why are we here?” or “How did life begin?”

The vast majority of evolutionists are those who either have no faith, or have turned their back on mainstream faith because of some previous hurt or perceived hurt by a denomination.   Some others just don’t care either way, but do care to have some view on the subject and evolution sounds ok to them, so they run with it.

When it comes to discussing Creationism, many outside the faith constantly argue from a vantage point of unbelief, and pour scorn on the Biblical account, having no real knowledge of what it is they’re denigrating.  However, we know that only those who have been born again and have God’s Spirit within them are able to truly discern the meaning of scripture (and sometimes not even then!!),  hence it’s pointless to overly concern ourselves with what unbelievers think scripture means – but what we absolutely should do is counter their errant views with the Truth within scripture.

“For all things were created in Him, the things in the heavens, and the things on the earth, the visible and the invisible, whether thrones or dominions or principalities or powers, all things were created through Him and for Him.   And He is before all things, and by Him all things consist.”  Col 1: 16-17

A wonderful series of videos providing a superb insight to the multiple truths of creation (supported by science) show how no amount of time or “evolutionary” forces could create the complexity of the simplest of organisms Mammalian cell interiornor account for their survival if they had begun life as evolution mandates i.e. single cells – if the cell doesn’t have absolutely everything required not just for life but also for replication from its outset it’s not going to survive and would die long before any mutation could occur to help it on its way.    Those who call themselves Christians should have no place for evolution in their worldview – you can’t have it both ways.   If you believe the bible to be true enough to provide for your salvation, you must consider it true enough to believe God is Creator of all.   And don’t be fooled by those who say you can have it both ways i.e. believe God is Creator but that He used evolution to create the universe etc – you will be just setting yourself up for continual confusion as the 2 just do not mix.   Satan is the only one to gain anything from pushing the evolution standpoint and we would all do well to remember that.   His time is running out faster than ever now, so he’s doing more than ever to provoke mankind to dump the One True Living God and create their own instead.   Evolution works hard to disprove God, sin, hell, salvation and all other concepts of faith because all of these are linked to a biblical creation and the fall of mankind.

Investigate thoroughly those views you hold on to and ensure you can justify them in scripture before Him when you die, or you may find Him not so welcoming as you’d hoped and, in the worst case, even find yourself heading towards the hell you perhaps deny even exists!

“But as Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses, so these also resist the truth, men of corrupt mind, reprobate concerning the faith.   But they shall proceed no further. For their foolishness shall be plain to all, as theirs also became.”  2Ti 3: 8-9.