This is a very interesting and challenging article for those of us in the UK who’re watching it slide into a more and more Islamised country where some day this will indeed be the law in certain cities at the very least if not the entire country eventually.   Muslim Women Under Shari’a Law .    Too many in the West are totally missing the truth about the underlying nature of Islam – political correctness and tolerance has long overshadowed our ability to see exactly what is happening and do something about it.   I’m not going to say that all Muslims in the UK are guilty of pushing to take over the country but there are certainly elements within their relgion who are and heavily so, and even quite happily stand up and advertise the fact, yet few voices are heard telling of this.

muslim-womanWhile this article talks about Muslim women under Shari’a, let’s remember that within Britain many “Western” women are increasingly marrying Muslim men and thus immediately place themselves under that religion’s mandates no matter how “unreligious” their husbands might seem to be.   Many will tell you of how their men didn’t seem to be very interested in Islam until after the marriage and how they seemed to suddenly change overnight and start becoming abusive and insisting the wife obeys Islamic laws etc.   And many will equally tell of how they became so fearful of their husband (and often his family too) that they didn’t feel they had any means of leaving or getting away.    Certainly there are others who would deny that, and contend that their lives under Islam are great and wonderful, but some day they too may discover their men deciding to hold to much tougher teachings etc.

The point is that this is a faith based system that doesn’t have a good record for its human rights and in particular the treatment of women (whether married or not), and thus whether a woman is fortunate currently to have a husband who respects her or treats her well, that may not always be the case if he is taught otherwise in the Mosque.   And if those of us who consider ourselves Christian in this country are going to be able to continue our free and relaxed lifestyles we really need to wake up and start recognising the slow but deadly move of this religion in our country, which has already set up Shari’a law in more than 7 major cities here, and whose primary purpose is to eventually rule the UK.   Given how easy it has been for them to get to this stage, there are many who feel they could achieve their purpose within a decade given the right circumstances (& a lack of anyone stopping them !!).

Jesus showed by his actions that women are to be respected highly and treated with care and love, but Islam seems to have totally ignored this teaching (despite them holding Him as a favoured prophet!).

Truly I say to you, Wherever this gospel shall be proclaimed in the whole world, that which this woman has done shall be spoken of also, for a memorial of her.  Matt 26:13

Also see Luke 13:16,  John 8: 3-11 &  Luke 1:48

Women may indeed spiritually be rightfully in subjection to men within marriage, but this is never to be a means for a man to have control over his wife, but rather that he should recognise his God-ordained role to nurture, care for, protect, and otherwise respect his wife – the woman given to him by God for this very purpose.  Marriage is SO much more than so many ever realise – most think it’s purely a means of having a lifetime partner with whom to have children or enjoy companionship, but God provided it as a means of spiritual enrichment also and I would think most wives in a Christian relationship could testify to this fact.

Jesus is the Head of the Church which is described as His Bride and He therefore is to be the One to whom we look to determine our attitudes in ALL areas of life – marriage and relationships especially – and any woman contemplating a relationship with a Muslim would do well to contemplate which model they might prefer to live with, as while divorce is rampant in Western society it is forbidden in Islam except under very strict conditions and even then, the stigma and repercussions for the woman (regardless of who was at fault) can be hugely tough to deal with.   So you single ladies out there in the UK – be warned!!!

On a totally different note as an aside, while thinking about Muslim women’smuslim women in burqha's attire & especially the Burkha – Clothes are totally a man-made concept in every sense & those women in Islam who think that being totally covered from head to toe is somehow honouring to their god, should remember one important point – when Adam & Eve sinned, Jehovah God could have determined to cover them completely if their sinfulness had required that, but He didn’t – He didn’t even dress them to any great degree – He purely made tunics for them  both and a tunic by definition only covers from neck to above the knee and would have been sleeveless possibly too, so if He didn’t require it then, He doesn’t require it now.  Clothes can never make us honourable or acceptable before a Just and Holy God – only Jesus can and we are called to be clothed with Him and His Righteousness through his sacrifice on the cross.

“I counsel you to buy from Me gold purified by fire, so that you may be rich; and white clothing, so that you may be clothed, and so that the shame of your nakedness does not appear. And anoint your eyes with eye salve, so that you may see.”  Rev 3:18