I’ve been tirelessly slaving away making Christmas cards once again this year – started in August and still going strong.   No idea exactly how many I’ve made in all, but given I’ve fulfilled at least 3 orders of over 250 and I’ve still got 5 A4 file boxes full I’m assuming I’ve probably managed to make at least close to 4-500 which isn’t bad going given I’ve only put in about 3 hrs a day on them.

This year I reverted back to my Dufex prints in order to make a higher volume of flat cards because of the dire high postage costs on the decoupage ones, and knowing that one of my orders was to go to a pensioner’s residential home.   But I then got really into making a quantity of nice new decoupage designs as well.   There’s a new craze sweeping the craft world at the moment which really works wonderfully for those of us into decoupage in particular, but also many other card styles, which is being able to buy 1 print that you then have the right to print off as many copies as you wish.   The main outlet in the UK is CraftsUPrint run by the very successful Rob Jackson of  Papertole fame.  While many of the designs are quite simple and some really not that good, there’s also a large quantity of truly super designs from some very talented designers.  These 2 cards are a small example:

Another new style of card making that has really come into its own in the past year or two is pyramage where sections of the design are layered one on top of the other to create a pyramid effect, which in many cases can be hugely effective.   The above 2 cards use this to some degree whereby the middle section has 3 layers, those beside it 2, and the outside only 1.    It’s hard to show the true pyramid effect in photos as you really need to obviously see the card to see the real effect of it, but my very first pyramage card was actually one of Joanna Sheen’s images off her triple Christmas CD set which provides a lot of Victorian style images, and I think it shows off the pyramid effect very clearly.

I’m rather behind on keeping my card website updated (I manage 3 sites, and 2 are much larger than my own), but if you keep an eye on it, I should get some more of this year’s offerings up on there shortly.  You can also buy designs if you’re interested.   Head to Gentle Touch Cards.   I’m happy to fulfil personal requests if you want some minor changes on any of the cards – just ask.