Bit of a longer break from writing than I’d expected to have this past couple of months, but a necessity of sorts, as I just haven’t been able to think straight much to do anything requiring brain power.   I’m battling bone pain nightly which is now under investigation but which continues in the meantime to cause me endless fatigue through broken sleep.   I’m contented it’s nothing serious as I’ve had this before in 2006 caused then by bony infarcts and it’s most likely just a recurrence, but I discovered then that the only way I was going to get pain relief was to be willing to be totally housebound and on ridiculous doses of narcotics which ended up just making my brain more like Swiss Cheese than it is already 😦   So I figured this time, I’d just try and ride it out a bit more in the hope that either the Lord will once again heal as he did that year, or the docs find something easier treated perhaps.   There’s a possibility it may be nothing more difficult than bumping up my Vit D intake as I’ve had very low levels for some time now and my Rheumatologist thinks that also might be causing the pain as it can cause a condition called osteomalacia (bone softening).   But we’ll see.

So, in the meSquare diamond DPantime, I’m going to try and put my tired brain cells into action and resume writing once again – plenty of ideas certainly, but it’s proving tough to just get stuck in and put the post together – something I’m sure all bloggers feel now and again.   This is also the busiest time of year for me, as I’m once again starting in to the yearly Christmas Card production which takes up pretty much all of my spare time.   Usually have around 3-400 cards+ to produce and unless I keep on top of them, I end up in November trying to make 10 a day which is crazy – easier to make 1-2 a day now and have less pressure then.

But at least you’ll know if nothing’s happening over the next few weeks, what the reason is.