SmileyFor all of you who’re regular readers and those who’ve kindly enquired about my health of late, I’m taking a short break as I’m really not too well just now.   I’ve had a recurrence of the pain problem that beset me so heavily in 2006, only this time it’s progessed to both arms and is once again leaving me without much sleep every night.   No diagnosis or treatment is forthcoming, and so I have little choice but to rest in the Lord and seek His mercy for respite and relief.   To that end I’m going to a healing meeting this weekend, but know He may choose to not heal me miraculously (as He did last time), and so I’m opting out of undertaking anything much that requires me to think, as fatigue is overtaking me continually.

I will continue, however, to put notes together so that I can shortly restart writing again hopefully and bring you those issues I think we all need to be careful on how we view.

Thanks for your patience and I’ll catch you again hopefully in a month or two (or sooner if the Lord prevails!).