I truly believe you can prove God exists in multiple ways, but the best is in firstly accepting that the Bible is His Word to His creation, and thus obviously He will reveal Himself through it.   But aside from the obvious texts where God just states who He is, He has placed a lot of material in there to prove Himself to a sceptical world, and to those who at the very least, are willing to consider it.

clearingThe most important proof is still Creation.   I know many of you who read this blog subscribe to Darwin’s theories, but just stop and think laterally for once.   Aside from the unbelievable twists you have to take to provide any mechanism for getting from goo to a zoo let alone mankind, think about this.   If man had evolved from an ape no matter how many years it might have taken him to get intelligence (personally I think he’d have become extinct before it could have ever been a reality but anyway), after all that hard work and billions of years of evolving why,  but why would he then have determined he needed to create a god in any sense?   Would he not have figured he was a god to have come so far in his own journey of evolution –  it would have been a backward step to consider having any Being above him, let alone a God who would demand so much!???

And if you were that first breed of new intelligent thinking (wo)men, would you have created a god who demanded as much from you as the JudeoChristian God did of the Jewish people (one of the oldest races still existing on the face of the earth today!), and a Patriarchal God at that?   Wouldn’t you more likely have created a lovely wishy-washy god of certainly superior intelligence but not too much perhaps, and one that you could understand or even manipulate?   A god who indeed did love everybody without exception and who would never even consider the notion of hell?   And wouldn’t you also create a god who would have provided for creation (if you wished to consider creationism) in a heartbeat and not 6 days?   Why would anyone try to create the tough love JudeoChristian God we as Christians now worship?  How could man even at his best imagination in the 1st century BC conceive the notion of a God who would become His creation and allow His creation to kill him in order to appease His own requirement for a payment to be made for sin??   Come to that – how would you ever recognise that anything you ever did was wrong – why and how would you develop a conscience if you had evolved from goo, and thus had no awareness of a “Higher Power” to quote a New Age term who could show you the purpose of a conscience??    There’s just seriously no rationale for adhering to the evolutionary concept for humans in any sense (except to try to deny God’s existence and thus  your responsiblity to obey Him).

Have you understood the breadth of the earth? Tell, if you know it all!   Where is the way where light dwells? And where is the place of darkness, that you should take it to its boundary, and that you should know the paths to its house?  Job 38:18

articleBut more solid proof yet for God’s existence lies in prophecy.   Scattered throughout scripture are multiple predictions of the future couched in language that can certainly take some fairly disciplined study but some of which are blatantly obvious.    The volume of prophecies written about Jesus are overwhelming, and all came true, but the more interesting ones are those for this time which speak volumes to us now and are incredible because the implications are staggering.

Here’s some of the ones already fulfilled:

The Messiah will be the Son of God – Psalm 2:7 & Matthew 3:17; Mark 1:11; Luke 3:22
The Messiah crucifixion experience – Psalm 22 (contains 11 prophecies) & Matthew 27:34-50 and John 19:17-30
The Messiah will be killed – Isaiah 53:5-9 & Matthew 27:50; Mark 15:37-39; Luke 23:46; John 19:30
The Messiah will be born in Bethlehem – Micah 5:2 & Matthew 2:1 and Luke 2:4-7
Israel once again to become a nation – Ezekiel 36: 24-28,  Isaiah 11:11,  Deut 30: 1-6
Gentiles would enable and support this – Isaiah 49: 22-23, Jer 16:16.

And some of the future ones including those right on the doorstep:
Damascus destroyed – Isaiah 17: 1
One World Currency & Government (literally being discussed now) – Revelation 13 (various verses)
One Word Religion – also Revelation 13  (The AntiChrist requires to be a singular world leader to dominate and control).
Russia will come against Israel in the Gog/Magog war – Ezekiel 38-39
Babylon (Iraq) will be rebuilt and become a world trade centre before being utterly destroyed forever – Rev 18 (happening now!!)

There are literally dozens more relating to both Israel and Christians alike that I believe God will fulfill in very rapid order shortly before the awesome Day of the Lord comes upon the earth.    Check out Prophecy Today for more info and to be kept updated if you’re interested.

4387And finally for those who want to determine whether God exists or not – look to Jesus.   Seriously research his life, death and resurrection and do as many before you have – try to prove any of it is false and see what answer you come up with.   And if/when you finally accept that Jesus has to be who He says He is – therein is your proof of God’s existence in a nutshell, because Jesus said He IS God.   You can only take this one of 3 ways – He was either a liar and knew he wasn’t God, but lied to gain a following, or He was a lunatic, because few rational people consider themselves to be any kind of god let alone the God of Israel (remember, blasphemy was a crime punishable by stoning then, and you can be institutionalised these days for saying anything similar!!), or else He was indeed God in human flesh!   And if you consider that to be true, then you have to accept that He died for your sins as He said that was His mission to undertake (Matthew 16:21), and you need to reassess your life in the light of this information and deal with it.   Time is running out my friend – today, your soul may be required of YOU, and it will be too late then to change your mind – there are no 2nd chances on the other side and you won’t have anyone to plead your case before the Judge of the Universe, because only those who’ve accepted Jesus  as their Saviour can have Him as their Advocate before the Throne.

PLEASE consider becoming one of them!!

For God so loved the world that He gave His only-begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.
John 3:16