lifeHave you ever stopped to consider your life – truly?   Have you thought about the awesome complexity of this “vehicle” you’ve been provided for your time on this planet?   Do you ever take pause to be grateful for the immense fact that you don’t have to think about it for 90% of your life or until some event makes you take notice of the air you’re breathing, or the number of times your heart is beating – things ordinarily we never have to contemplate as they work so well, we don’t notice.   And have you taken this one step further again to contemplate why you have been granted such an awesome body to reside within?  In other words, how often have you really thought about the meaning of YOUR life?! 

I’ve thought long and hard about my own many times – being disabled brings a whole raft of problems other than the obvious – aside from the not being able to live independently at times or not be able to do even the simplest of tasks, disabled Christians in particular then face the added burden of feeling useless in their walk with the Lord.   Many consider if they are unable to be active and “doing” then they’re not of value.   Now, I know that’s not true and I don’t believe it for my own situation, but, certainly I have had many times when I have felt pretty useless or inept in the work of the Kingdom.   When you live alone and don’t have much social interaction, you find yourself very quickly sliding into selfishness as you become so used to only ever thinking about yourself.

 He who has the Son has life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have life. 1Jn 5:12

But I want to look at this on a slightly wider scale – I have come to the conclusion that your life is rarely if ever just for your own enjoyment!   In other words, no matter how little you feel you contribute to the “work of the Kingdom”, if you believe God is Sovereign, then you can be contented to know His purpose for you is perfect and He will fulfill that purpose in your life no matter what you feel about things from your perspective.   (Remember that tapestry quote from my previous post?). 

Think about some of the smaller names in scripture – (those who in their own eyes erwin_lutzerwould have figured they were low on God’s radar perhaps) – Erwin Lutzer in the Moody Church just gave a sermon today about this very aspect which is really what sparked my fingers into action to write this.   He was speaking about Providence and what it means.   Closely allied perhaps to predestination it basically means God’s Sovereign Will – something that cannot be changed or evaded.   He spoke about many figures in scripture whose lives were important in biblical history before Jesus was born, but whose lives were intimately intertwined with that awesome event.   Every single person in the lineage of Joseph and Mary had to marry the right person in the line to bring these 2 people together.   Think on all of the other people who were involved in that Nativity story and the roles they played – the Shepherds didn’t think they were doing anything of any great value – just tending to their sheep as usual, yet they were used mightily of God to be messengers.


So the next time you think your life is of little importance just think again of Jesus and how all the way right back to Adam & Eve, every single person played their role in history to bring about His birth at the right time and in the right place to fulfill prophecy.  Every single second of your day is given to you by God and you can be sure He will guide you if you are submitted to His Will, and every situation and conversation you have in it can be used to His Glory.   But while it is your life technically, it’s only yours for as long as God grants it to you, and thus the best way you can live it for as long as you have it, is to give your life to God and live it for HIM!!!  Life without Him is just no life at all – trust me.


 And this is life eternal, that they might know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.  (John 17:3)