mark-driscollI’m in no way a huge fan of Mark Driscoll, as I believe he goes way too far overboard in trying to appeal to his younger audiences and many of his sermons are on topics that should be kept private and not blasted out across the internet where those who’re young in the faith perhaps take them out of context and/or consider this is mainstream Christianity and then don’t know how to deal with the latter when they do meet it in other churches.

However, I came across this snippet of one of his sermons josteenwhere he does a critique of Joel Osteen and have to say I was happily surprised at his viewpoint, as previously I thought he was little different.   Turns out he’s got a lot of very solid truth underpinning his radical approach, and so you really have to be hugely discerning to listen to him, and ensure you don’t get swept along on his tides of intermittent lapses of wisdom.  But his take on Osteen is certainly good and well stated – so if you’re a Joel fan, please, please take heed of what is said in this short clip and rethink your position because you will fall into a lot of traps otherwise and find yourself unable to figure out how to cope when you discover that God’s plan for you is most likely not for you to have “your best life now!!”  Not in the way Osteen states it at any rate.

Mark Driscoll on Joel Osteen