Before you start to read this, be warned – it’s a rare “rant” for me as I don’t often give in to the extent of my feelings on some issues in the way I have done with this one, but some things just get me plain mad, and this is one of them!!

I’ve been listening a lot lately to talks and discussions about abortion issues in particular, especially where they concern Barack Obama’s excessively liberal stance on this topic.   I was utterly shocked beyond anything I’ve ever felt before, to hear that he not only condones abortion, but also that he voted in favour of partial birth abortions to the point where he would support a doctor actively killing a BABY if it dared to exit the womb of its own accord before the doc got his hands on it during a planned abortion procedure.   I find it incredibly fascinating how so many women in particular seem to be able to ignore the utterly obvious in all of this.   While they lie there 7 months+ pregnant desiring to be rid of the “thing” inside of them, they don’t want to contend with how that is done, or the end result etc.   To them the “thing” inside them is a nonentity of no value – it must be, or else they would not only deliver the baby but be willing to put it up for adoption instead.   I seriously want to know why that is such a huge undesirable thought for them.   What really leaves me confused is how in an “unwanted” pregnancy the baby is only ever referred to as “product of conception” or other medical terminology e.g. foetus, embryo, etc,  but yet, if say x years down the line the woman’s circumstances change and she then is married and gets pregnant, from the outset the “thing” is incredibly now called a BABY!!!   Does anyone else see the irrationality in that??   Or can someone explain it to me, as I’m seriously lost on how you can switch your entire pysche to think one thing to suit one set of circumstances and an entirely different to suit another, when it pertains to the same “thing” – a BABY!!   I’m also utterly galled by the fact that partial birth “abortion” is nothing short of infanticide but because the woman’s rights trump the baby’s it’s overlooked and everything is done to prevent it gaining any notoriety.    I have to ask again – what the heck is the problem about giving birth and handing the child over to someone else to love it and bring it up – and I can only surmise that it’s a desire to have NO responsibility in any shape or form for the child that God has graciously granted the mother to have – perhaps even for the sole purpose of providing the child for another infertile couple – who knows?!

Abortion is the greatest crime against humanity ever known, and this generation has almost made a religion out of it.   While women may be entitled to their rights and rightly so (pardon the pun) they absolutely should NOT extend to the right to kill another human being under the guise of some ill-defined inability to allow him or her to live.    What I do know is that if these women do not repent of their sin before God, when they die, the soul of that baby will condemn them before Him for not granting them life.  And thus I would urge any woman reading this, who has any conscience about her role in this, to seek God mightily and repent heavily because He alone can forgive a crime which is against Him first and foremost and the child secondarily.   I appreciate that may sound a very harsh, and to some perhaps a judgemental attitude, but I fear for the eternal future of those who slap God in the face for daring to visit them with an unwanted pregnancy.   One thing I do know is that God is Sovereign and thus every second of your day is in His Hands and thus if you do end up pregnant in a committed marriage, while it may not be what you think is the right time or situation, etc, He will absolutely enable you to fulfil your obligations to bring up that child.   However, if you are sinning from start to finish in a relationship outside of marriage, or an adulterous one, etc, then you need to repent first and start seeking His Will for your life in total, before you determine what to do about the pregnancy.

I’ve never been pregnant, but I just keep thinking – if your parents had determined that YOU were just a “thing” to be done away with and despatched in the cruellest vile and truly evil manner that partial birth abortion is, you wouldn’t have a life to start with.   Yet many women dare to think that their circumstances are somehow unique and their rights overturn that of the person who would like to have the same opportunity at life they (the mother) has had.   Few women would happily go up to a newborn baby and stick a knife in it because it was in their way or an inconvenience to them somehow (although an odd one might!), but just because a doctor is doing the evil deed doesn’t remit the mother from her part in the crime, and a crime it absolutely is – a crime against humanity.   Coming back to Obama, I note that he has 2 daughters who he’s famously stated he wouldn’t want to be “punished” with a baby.   They wouldn’t be alive if his wife had had the attitude that she wanted a life and not a child to have its.   If people started reverting back to biblical morals as preached by Paul, they would be in a much better place all round.   If couples quit having premarital sex to start with, there wouldn’t BE any unwanted babies most likely, or at least a lot less, and there certainly wouldn’t be any concept of “punishment” if such a thing did happen.   It’s an interesting term – punishment after all is what you get when you do wrong, so I wonder if he was recognising that his daughters would have to be doing something wrong in order to get pregnant in the first place, and he might just also recognise that it is the stance of the excessively liberal Left in society that prevails to promote promiscuity amongst the youth to start with.

Ok – think I’ve ranted enough, and will close this out before I say anything further to inflame my faithful visitors.   I’m open to a healthy debate on this topic, but please – no ultra feminist views about “women’s rights” etc – I’m just NOT interested unless you can provide a sensible argument on the point.  If not, your comment won’t get posted 😦   ALL comments on this post will be moderated.