Then you need to head over to KHouse where Chuck Missler is currently working Genesis workbookthrough his infamous Genesis series.  This is the one that captivated me so much I bought the entire series and discovered how to find Jesus on every page in the book (as well as others after it).   But for me personally, because I love science and absolutely fundamentally accept the biblical account of creation, I was just amazed at how much more he brought out of what I thought I knew of the opening sentences of Genesis.   Like so many others I’d read Genesis without stopping to take time to really dig any deeper than the basic verses.   But Chuck has such a wide range of knowledge on so many important topics (science, astronomy, physics, chemistry, maths etc) he opens up the book in a new and vibrant way that truly does stop you in your tracks and go “WOW!!”

I previously wrote about this here (new window) and having re-read that post, I’m reminded of just how much I truly enjoyed that whole series that I’m now going to get stuck straight back into it once again.

So if you have questions about the meaning of life, and want to explore it a bit more (without heavy theology or doctrine to cloud it), then spend a little time working through these talks on KHouse- they’re done in nice little 15-20 minute chunks with a different one each day but you can review the series in succession if you just check out the bottom of the page where it will show the previous month’s “episodes” for you to listen to.