Not often I provide little more than a link in a post but this is one of those times, aIsraels I think this info is timely and important for anyone who loves Israel (as I do) and its people – Jews, Arabs and Gentiles alike. And I think it’s equally important for our Jewish friends to recognise that evangelical Christians are amongst their only allies and supporters in these difficult days. Just because we believe the Messiah has already come, in no way should detract from the fact that He is Jewish and the whole Christian faith (unlike any other) has its roots in Judaism and the Torah etc. In fact, I was just watching a very poignant talk by a Jew who stated that Christianity is more Jewish than Christians think and are aware of, and I think many would agree that it has been changed beyond what it was ever intended to be in Paul’s day to what it is now. But that’s a whole other post perhaps :).

Head to Joel Rosenberg’s site to read how you can bless Israel at any time, but especially now. And for those readers who think the concept is the worst I could ever suggest to you – if you call yourself a Christian just remember God will hold you fully accountable for how you have treated His people whom He has set aside for Himself and whom we are called to bless (and without whom you would never have had the privilege of knowing Jesus!). There’s a huge difference between blessing His people and condoning the actions of a secular government. And if you’re not a Christian – then, not blessing Israel is the least of your concerns!