Freedom – the ethos of the Western world and the privilege of many within it.   Yet how many of us truly appreciate it – especially as Christians.   Do you ever stop to thank God for it, and recognise how different your life and walk with Him might be if you lived in certain other parts of the world.   We’ve all heard stories about the persecuted Church, yet how many of us stop and think about them when we can’t be bothered to go to Church on Sunday or don’t want to read our Bible.  

I think we’ve got so blase about our freedom we never give it a second thought, and act as though it could never be removed, thus something we don’t have to contend with or think about.  Yet, in many parts of our privileged Western society moves are afoot to change this in so many different ways it’s quite scary. Apart from all the current talk about global terrorism and the loss of privacy, we see a lot more happening now in the way of removing freedoms from Christians on varying levels – in the US it’s been shown quite dramatically, from prayers being removed from schools to (Navy) Pastors being told they can’t pray in Jesus’ Name in public if in uniform (despite that being their ‘job’!!).  Children are being told they now can’t even read a bible in school in case it offends other classmates, and we can’t have that now can we!!!  Don’t know about you, but I got offended by a whole lot more than the bible, when I was at school.

Have you thought about what it might be like in the not too distant future bible-pic.jpgwhen that free choice is removed – when you can no longer go to church without a second thought, or decide whether you want to read a bible or not, or indeed whether you want to become a Christian or not. You may think – no big deal, or it wouldn’t bother you, but trust me – it will, if for no other reason than the very fact that it’s not allowed or has become illegal. Because the society that will promote such an ethos, is one where free choice in many areas will most likely have been removed.  Certainly, here in the UK, it is looking very much like Islam may indeed become the dominant force within 2 decades at most (given the current rate of capitulation to its demands), and thus Christians will be under threat of punishment if they don’t desist from practicing their faith, and perhaps a further decade may see life being like it is for Christians in other Muslim majority countries where Christians daren’t even be seen holding a Bible much less talking about it, or preaching, and where coming together to pray “in Jesus’ Name” could be a virtual death sentence or at best, imprisonment.

So the next time you can’t be bothered to read a bible, think on – some day you may live to regret that, when you no longer can find one to be had in bookstores, and accessing it online may be monitored by your jail_hand.jpgGovernment, and then even if you do have access, you have to hide it or ensure that even your family don’t know you are reading it, as they will report you to the authorities. Think I’ve exaggerating – then you obviously know nothing of the true Persecuted Church (e.g. China) or how Muslims treat converts to Christianity within their own families (UK) or indeed just Christians in their area (e.g. Gaza).   Treat your freedom with perhaps more respect and appreciate just how fortunate you are if you do live in the West, to have it to the extent you do.   Stop allowing this dire culture of political correctness to actually destroy your freedom by allowing minority faiths and those with no faith at all, to trample all over it.   And remember the biggest freedom of all comes from the Gospel (which is why so many work so hard to destroy it!) because Jesus came to set man free from the greatest enslaver of all – sin – and provide us with the inner Joy that can only come from His gift of Redemption and Salvation – all other freedom is transient outside of Him, but that doesn’t detract from its necessity for the wellbeing of mankind.  

Joh 8:32 “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”