There is only ONE God and His Name is Jehovah and Jesus Christ is His Only Begotten Son!

Having got that premise firmly in view I wanted to demonstrate something that has been rather obvious to me and I would hope to many others in these turbulent times.    The term “Fundamentalist” has of late, been more attached to Islamic militants than anyone else, but if they are truly fundamentalist in their views, then we once again have an extremely obvious view that Islam and Allah are totally remote to Christianity and the One True God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob.   Jehovah stated in scripture that He never changes and yet Islam presents a god who is totally different and tries to persuade the world they are one and the same – NOT!!

A fundamentalist Muslim aims to take over the world for his god Allah by any islamic.jpgmeans possibly, and most usually violent.    We are truly back to the dark ages of “Convert or Die” where militant Islam is concerned and while I accept that many Muslims are not in the least desiring to take their faith to that extreme, there’s no escaping the fact that the Koran does indeed demand it of all “good” Muslims – that they take the Christians and the Jews and either offer them safety by conversion to Islam, or kill them as apostate if they won’t.   Fundamentalist Islam is a bloodthirsty, uncompromising, utterly militant belief system which enables those who’re of that mindset to start with, to then use the Koran to their advantage in stating that they are fighting for god – their god (intentional lower case!) has little interest in mankind other than to gain as many numbers as possible and rule the world by whatever means possible.  Fundamentalist Islam removes all choice for any individual stating that they must become a Muslim or die.   Fundamentalist Islam serves a god who is against everything Jehovah stands for – love, freedom and choice.   

A fundamentalist Christian on the other hand should equally wish to take the world for God, but is mandated to do so by love, not war, and to respect the will of mankind to choose freely what they wish to believe.   Ours is a task of words not swords!    We don’t do any converting ultimately because we recognise that we don’t have any power to do so.   We can only provoke interest and provide information and the Gospel message and it is then the Word of God that strikes deep into the heart of man like a searchlight revealing the depth of sin, the need for repentance, the desire for forgiveness and the will to submit to the only One who can provide ALL that we need.    Conversion is not an act of the will, but a spiritual act of Grace from an Almighty God who desires that all sinners would accept their sinful state before Him, and seek His forgiveness through the awesome and incomprehensible sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ.   

pub_packerfundamentalism.jpgFundamentalist Christiantity aims to teach scripture truths alone without the baggage of man’s words no matter how wise they may be.   Fundamentalist Christianity focuses solely on Jesus’ life, death and resurrection and how lives are changed by submission to Him with complete repentance for sins and ultimate redemption by His sacrifice for us.    Fundamentalist Christianity understands that God and God alone can change lives and He doesn’t need any help from us, but He is willing to use us if we are willing to be used in His work.   Fundamentalist Christianity has LOVE at its core, and forgiveness towards others close behind.   Only those who’ve known the awesome forgiveness that God provides in this way, can then forgive others who wrong them.    Muslims don’t know this type of love – for them, if you wrong them, their god demands revenge, not forgiveness, and they don’t know how to cope when someone turns round and forgives them publicly for causing them harm or pain.   Fundamentalist Christianity doesn’t judge others, but it certainly holds them accountable to the TRUTH as found in scripture alone.    Fundamentalist Christianity grants everyone the God-Given choice to make up their own minds on issues of faith and never threatens where others are dissenting, preferring to reason with them over coercion.

fundamentalism.gifIf more Christians were truly fundamentalist in their beliefs, and took the Word of God more seriously for their lives, the Church would be in a much better state.   Instead, too many take their  new  found status of freedom too far and consider that they have nothing more to do than attend church whenever they can fit it in to their ever increasingly hectic schedule, and pray whenever they might remember to about the same things every time.   Thus when the leader of their church starts teaching them heresies and false doctrines they are totally unaware and, worse again, start to believe and accept these as normal and right – after all, it’s church and they can trust their leader can’t they??   Sadly, that is no longer the case (if indeed it ever was), as there are nearly now more wolves within the flock than without.  Long gone are the days when the only false doctrines you needed to really know about were the Mormons of the JWs – now there are so many and they are so well entwined in mainstream Christianity as to be acceptable to all but the most fundamentalist around.   

So be on your guard and if you can – strive to be a Berean with all that you hear and see in your walk with the Lord.    The only way to recognise error is to know the Truth completely and continually pray for the Holy Spirit to protect you from deception and to root out any already in your life.    Put away all these current feel good factor doctrines and instead, become a true fundamentalist of the WORD and He will absolutely bless you immensely for it.