Despite the fact that I consider Christmas a pagan celebration and more things wrong with it than right I’m no different to many in enjoying some of the things that go with it – I’m a sucker for lights while I won’t have a tree and love much of the music although very selective in what I’ll listen to routinely.   And when looking at some of the searches being undertaken that seem to be centering around these things I figured I could maybe help some people out on places to find what they’re looking for more than on my site 🙂

tso-2.jpgFor the best of alternative Christmas music – i.e. orchestral more than sung – you can’t beat the Trans-Siberian Orchestra (TSO) renditions of many of the familiar songs – some are truly fast and furious.   While I actually do quite like Classical music I’m not huge on it as some would be, but could listen to TSO (not true classical) forever – some of their music has such a strong rock beat I have to be really careful playing it in the car!!  Check them out at: – while they only provide a small selection of samples there, they’re full songs at least which is nice.   Plus if you then head to Amazon and do a search for them you’ll be able to find some of the other songs on those albums and the absolute BEST in my view is Siberian Sleigh Ride from the Lost Christmas Eve album – great for all you rocker children out there LOL!    For those of you fortunate enough to live in the US look them up on tour and go check them out as I bet they’re a ton better live than on CD!

And of course the other musical great of a similar genre is Mannheim mannheim-steamroller-on-stage-cropped1.jpgSteamroller – probably more familiar to many than TSO perhaps but equally awesome.    Catch them at:  and of their many excellent songs I would have to go with their Hallelujah Chorus from the Messiah – definitely a new and well vamped up twist to it.    Found on their Christmas Extraordinaire album amongst others.

For solid Christian Christmas media concepts and teaching e.g. for websites or personal pages etc – try some of these:

There’s a lot more out there than I could ever bring to your attention – so go do some judicious searching yourself and see what you can find – and if you find other similar music to my favourites here, please provide me info – open to any good and relatively wholesome music with a good beat.  🙂