paulwasher.jpgjoelo.jpgAnd trust me there are so many it’s hard to know where to start.    And not often I put out two posts in one week but some things are too important to keep sitting on for too long, and I just heard this tonight – courtesy of Sermon Audio (and Way of the Master Radio) so some of you may already have heard it:

Paul Washer v Joel Osteen

All I can do is plead with any of you who consider Joel Osteen to be good – to remember that what the world deems good is not necessarily what GOD does!   God requires His people who are called by His Name i.e. Christians, to heed His Word over and above the words of men, but also to recognise that the Gospel was paid for by a very high price – the highest possible to be paid – a Life!   Joel Osteen is providing nothing more for his followers than any other good motivational speaker out there.   He provides a false sense of security and is dooming his followers to at the very least – a huge judgement for their lack of discernment, at worst – eternal death because they believed a man’s words over God’s Word and Osteen gives the impression that God wants man to be happy not to have to confront their sins and repent in order to be saved!   You should know that if you believe that, you are not going to get to heaven by any stretch.   And telling God (if such a thing were even possible!) when He judges you that you weren’t aware of your mistake or that Osteen said all the right things and you thought he knew what he was talking about will serve you no good then.   God provides everyone with ample opportunity to discover the Truth in the lifetime they’ve been given (bar those who die before an age of responsibility) and none of us will have any capacity to dare to try to defend ourselves at Judgement before a Just and Holy God the magnitude of Whom we have utterly no comprehension.    We have dared to make God in our image and thus we dare to think He will deal with us as we would perhaps deal with someone here who’d made mistakes in their lives – but if you truly read scripture and especially those passages where God talks about Himself and His view of mankind you would learn otherwise.

And if you do desire to know Him better I would suggest you read His Word first, man’s words second and your own words last – in other words give God His rightful place in your life, listen to solid and truthful exposition by those who obviously do the same e.g. Paul Washer, John MacArthur, Chuck Missler etc, and learn to allow God to tailor your own views accordingly with continual prayer for discernment while doing so.