This is another excellent YouTube presentation of snippets of one of Paul’s more infamous sermons to the youth.

Paul Washer Project

For anyone who may be unaquainted with Paul – he has to be one of the most dynamic, solid younger preachers on the itinerant ministry scene currently.   He has a huge heart for evangelism and the youth, but more than anything he speaks with authority and utter obedience to God and thus is hugely emotive.   One of the few I’ve ever heard almost crying with the intensity of the fervour of his message in his desire to convey the importance of his message to those listening.   And total sincerity throughout.   Unlike many other noted teleevangelists who care more about themselves than their ‘flock’!!

If you find this whets your appetite to listen to more, you can download his messages as podcasts from Uncommonly Powerful Preaching – link in the sidebar.