Rising to TimBob’s challenge for me to undertake his questions although not specifically tagged, here’s my offering of answers.  Enjoy! 

( 1 )  “Turn the World Upside Down”  If you were called to become a missionary, however, given liberty to choose any place on earth, where would you go and why?

Think it would have to be Israel, partly because I’d really love to live there, but also becausemap_israel.jpg I can think of no better place to undertake sharing the Gospel message – to the people God has chosen for Himself, and whose Messiah I love and serve.   I appreciate that proslytising isn’t acceptable, or perhaps even legal within Israel, but it wouldn’t be me doing the “converting” at the end of the day – God chooses whom He Will to hear and respond to His message of redemption and salvation – I’d just be a messenger and thus under no pressure to do anything other than show Jesus’ love to His people.

( 2 )  “Just Tagging Along”  What old testament person (or persons) do you think it would have been the most fascinating to have travelled alongside on the journey through life?  

Given I desire wisdom in my life above all else, it would have to Solomon – to be like the Queen of Sheba and just sit in his company for days on end listening to his views on everything from being born to dying would be truly awesome.

( 3 )  “Catch phrase”  What passage of scripture do you seem to hear others make mention of to the point that it really stands out in frequency? 

Hmm – for me it’s  

( 4 )  “Extended Forcast”  As you ponder the next year; looking into the days ahead, what do you see transpiring?  Is this conclusion:

Prophecy is going to be fulfilled in abundance as things continue to hot up in the Middle East.   There will be a further war against Israel, which may just fulfil a major prophecy – that of Damascus being flattened.   Satan will continue to push people towards bigger and bigger excesses and sins in all areas, and provide more people of power with the arrogance to think they don’t need God and thus the laws of the land will degenerate yet further.   Islam will be utterly capitulated to by the West in an effort to try and appease the radicals but in its ignorance the West will end up being taken over piece by piece – Europe is rapidly falling to it already.   The rise in the proliferation of all things occultic will continue under the guise of anything goes within Christianity aided by practices and ‘ideologies’ such as The Secret, Labyrinth meditation, New Age teachings, etc, alongside the continued deceptions of so-called harmless films/books etc such as Harry Potter.   Oh and the most important thing??   The RAPTURE which could happen at any moment now more than ever. :).

And this is an estimate based upon current trends and circumstances but with the magnifying lens of scripture to aid it!

( 5 )  “A Song of Degrees”  What particular hymn or spiritual song do you, upon hearing or singing, find yourself “launched beyond the stratosphere” as you ponder the sheer awesomeness of God and the price that he paid at Calvary to redeem us from everlasting death. 

The one that has me totally captivated just now is “How Great Thou Art“  but “Be Thou my vision” is a very close second.   Mandate (Robin Mark) sung the latter a few years ago, and jazzed it up ever so slightly, but enough to really make it stand out even more than ever!    Ok – know you only asked for one, but I’m giving 3 – the final one being “I stand amazed in the Presence” – again, a slightly faster version of it than usual sung by FocusFest here in N. Ireland in 2004 – totally mind blowing!

“Bonus Question”  What person (or persons) were very influential in your decision to accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord? 

Only one that I think did, although not obviously at the time in some ways – my Sunday School teacher.  I used to totally hate being made to go to SS every week, but despite that fact much of what she said and did must have made some dent in my life, as I became a Christian at 14 – 3 years after she died.   It’s only now that I look back and recognise that, at that time, she was probably the only person praying for my salvation – she sadly never saw it here, but will know it in heaven when I meet her again!