Just had to write about this and see how others on here view this.   I’ve received a couple of emails today from some top prophecy buffs regarding the fact that Tony Blair is going to be a special kind of Middle East Envoy based in Jerusalem.   Here’s one press release on it:


Tony Blair will be moving to Jerusalem to become the Quartet’s special peace envoy to the Middle East.

A statement released Wednesday by U.N. headquarters in New York confirmed Blair’s appointment, which was reportedly agreed upon yesterday in Jerusalem at a meeting of the Quartet, the diplomatic grouping made up of the United States, Russia, the European Union and the United Nations.

blair.jpgAs envoy, Blair is charged with mobilizing international assistance to the Palestinians, securing support for the institutional governance needs of the future Palestinian state, promoting Palestinian economic development, and coordinating Quartet objectives with other countries.

“As representative, Tony Blair will bring continuity and intensity of focus to the work of the Quartet in support of the Palestinians, within the broader framework of the Quartet’s efforts to promote an end to the conflict in conformity with the roadmap,” the statement said. “He will spend significant time in the region working with the parties and others to help create viable and lasting government institutions representing all Palestinians, a robust economy, and a climate of law and order for the Palestinian people.”

Blair’s new post will be based in Jerusalem, with a potential second office in the West Bank, and will be assisted by a team of experts.



(The following is from Jack Kinsella – excerpts) According to the Prophet Daniel, the coming antichrist will be a prince of a revived form of the Roman Empire and that it will be this revived Roman Empire — and NOT the US — that will take a leading role in the peace process between Israel and the enemies that surround her on all sides.  We know that the antichrist will “confirm” a covenant, or treaty, which suggests that that covenant is ALREADY in existence at the time that he somehow guarantees its terms, rather than being the author of said covenant. We learn that, halfway through this ‘shabua’ (7-year peace treaty), the antichrist outlaws Temple worship. ‘Sacrifice and oblation’ requires the existence of a Jewish Temple, and that Jewish Temple must needs be legitimate under Jewish law.  Moreover, it must be legitimate before God. According to the Apostle Paul, the Third Temple is NOT the antichrist’s temple. It is NOT the ‘Jewish temple’. Paul calls it GOD’S Temple.

 “Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the TEMPLE OF GOD, shewing himself that he is God.” (2nd Thessalonians 2:4)

Paul wasn’t referring to the 2nd Temple at some point prior to its destruction by Titus, despite the preterist’s argument that Daniel’s prophecy was fulfilled in AD 70.  “And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for YE are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be My people.” (2nd Corinthians 6:16) What does this mean? It means that during the Tribulation Period, the Church is no longer on the earth, because the Holy Spirit no longer indwells all believers. And so there aren’t millions of living “Temples of God” but instead, the Temple is a specific building in a specific place.

And Paul confirms in 2nd Thessalonians 2:4 that it is “GOD’S Temple” for that time. Why is THIS so important? (I’m glad you asked.) The Tribulation is Daniel’s 70th unfulfilled 70th Week. Daniel was given an outline of the final 70 weeks (490 years) of the Age of the Mosaic Law. After sixty-nine “shabuas”, Jesus was crucified and Resurrected and the Age of Grace supplanted the Mosaic Law. The Age of Grace runs its course, the Rapture ends the Church Age, and during the final ‘week’ the Age of the Law resumes and runs its course. It is both a distinction AND a difference. It freaks some Christians out to hear that the Age of the Law hasn’t been forever abolished, but that is because they try and blend the Church Age into the Tribulation Period.

Assessment: Now we return to the Prophet Daniel. He identifies the antichrist as a ‘prince’ of Rome, and a covenant of seven years’ duration that must be confirmed. That covenant ALREADY exists in the form of the failed Oslo Agreement based on formula of ‘land for peace.’ Daniel 8:25 says that the antichrist, “by peace shall destroy many,” and Daniel 11:39 says he, “shall divide the land for gain.” Let’s pull it together before moving on. The antichrist is a ‘prince’ of Rome who confirms a destructive peace agreement based on the principle of dividing the land for gain. Until 2002, it had been the US that has been banging its head against the wall in an effort to enforce the terms of Oslo. In 2002, the US effort was replaced by a joint four-power effort involving the US, Russia, the UN and the EU known as the Road Map For Peace. Both efforts ended in dismal failure.

Now the Europeans are going to take the lead. The ‘Quartet’ has named outgoing Prime Minister Tony Blair as the new peace mediator between Israel and the ‘many’. The reason that Blair was tapped for the job is because he is a European and not an American. Europe has been trying without success since the mid-1990’s to replace the US as the leading peace broker between Israel and the Arabs.  The Europeans believe they can break the deadlock by guaranteeing the integrity of Israel’s borders. Israel is, geographically, in Europe’s back yard, and the Arabs trust the Europeans much more than they do the Americans. Blair is a champion of the ‘two-state’ solution that would see the creation of a Palestinian state beside Israel, who will only agree to such a solution if there is a credible guarantor of its security.

Blair told parliament: “The absolute priority is to try to give effect to what is now the consensus across the international community — that the only way of bringing stability and peace to the Middle East is a two-state solution.” That means a secure Israel and a Palestinian state “that is not merely viable in terms of its territory but in terms of its institutions and governance”, he said. “I believe it is possible to do that but it will require a huge intensity of focus and work.”  Blair’s credibility doesn’t come from his history as British Prime Minister, but from his position as a leader within the EU. Not the ‘king’ — he isn’t the head of the EU, but a ‘prince’ so to speak. As an envoy from Europe, he speaks for Europe. As a former Prime Minister of Britain, he has the gravitas necessary to do the job.

I am NOT naming Tony Blair as the antichrist. I don’t know who the antichrist will be, and I really don’t care. It might be him– it might be his successor. But with his appointment the torch has been passed from Washington to Brussels. What is important to us as Christians is not the identity of the antichrist, but the recognition that someone who has his Biblical qualifications has stepped up to the plate. As Christians, we are not charged with looking for the soon appearance of the antichrist.  Instead, we are to be watching for the soon appearing of Christ. But when we can see the events of the Tribulation beginning to take shape and form, it tells us that the clock is indeed winding down quickly on the Church Age. Before the antichrist can be revealed, 2nd Thessalonians 2:7 tells us, the Restrainer is ‘taken out of the way’ at the Rapture. It is AFTER that, Paul explains, “And THEN shall that Wicked be revealed. .” (2nd Thessalonians 2:8) As Jesus stated:  “And when these things BEGIN to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.” (Luke 21:28)  


Personally, I think I’d find it laughable to consider TB for the role of AntiChrist, but that’s perhaps because many of us in the UK have considered him a joke because his leadership has been so dire, but our opinion is of little interest or importance in the Lord’s grand scheme of things.   I also note that very recently he has made some moves towards converting to his wife’s faith of Catholicism, and met the Pope possibly for some guidance on that move amongst other issues.   So in many ways I think he’s certainly moving in the right (or should that be wrong!) direction in this respect.   On a more positive note, if there’s even the remotest chance of him filling the role, it truly does mean we are closer ever to going Home en masse than ever before in history, and what a privilege to live in this generation which may indeed see so much more prophecy fulfilled since Jesus’ time.    Maranatha, even so, Come Lord Jesus!  Be really keen to hear back from some of you prophecy buffs on your take on this :).  

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