Well, despite my ongoing hand/wrist difficulties, card making has been in full swing. I’ve begun with embossing again having had to take a short break from it while my left wrist healed, but with so many beautiful Mattie stencils that are available I determined to at least have a go, and although the results weren’t anything like the examples in the book, I was very pleased (middle card below). Sadly I can no longer use border punches easily, so have had to just use scissors for edging cards and inserts – nowhere near as nice a result. The vellum wraps were a new find for me too, so have enjoyed using those (the first card below). But the vast majority of my cards now are done for giving away to either my local church or other such outlets, and thus tend to have a scriptural or Christian influence where possible. I’ve pretty much given up selling now except to friends who insist on paying, or at Christmas when bulk buys are requested.

I have a couple of wonderful South African friends, Gavin and Desiree Campbell, who run Rose of Sharon Ministries there, and Desiree makes cards to sell for funds. So my donation to their work was a batch of around 50 cards or so and a lot of my excess stock to help her out. I got totally obsessed with making as many as possible in the couple of weeks prior to their visit last week, and some of the designs are shown in this set. Goes without saying – if you live in SA and can support their work please do – it’s a wonderful and vital ministry to the community there.

http://www.photobox.co.uk/album/587856  And also my card website at:  http:www.kitsandcards.co.uk

And for those of you who’re maybe just browsing and not that interested in seeing the whole lot, here’s a taster of just a few for you to enjoy.