icthus3.gifI’m seeing a lot of bad press nowadays about “Christians”, and have to say I’ve noticed that in many cases, the label is as often happens, being applied more to people in a culture as opposed to those who actually have ‘earned’ the title through recognition of their sinful state before a Just and Holy God, and repented of their sins before Him, accepting Jesus as their Saviour and thus having the ‘right’ to call themselves his follower. Big difference to those who call themselves this just because they don’t have any other specific belief, or because perhaps they figure they are by way of their Church e.g. Catholicism, their parents, or through some other means that somehow supposedly allows them to call themselves such. It actually gets me really annoyed, as I particularly hear of the term being bandied about in certain areas of the world in respect of terrorists of all things, which I’m just gobsmacked about.

Perhaps some of these people should go and live in a Muslim country – they might soon discover the cost of taking such a title and rethink whether it’s what they do indeed desire to be known as.    I appreciate though that many are called Christian only to distinguish them from any other belief system hence the error that so many Muslims do indeed think most of the West are such, when in reality probably only about 10-20% is in the truest sense of the term.


Not going to belabour this point except to make the distinction to those who may not be aware of it:   The name “Christian” should only be applied to someone who has made an active decision to submit to Christ, repent of their sins, be baptised (as an adult!) and spend every living moment desiring to serve Him and Him alone, and profess that fact to others.   So those who like to consider they are Christians because they’re “good” people, or by virtue of their family background, or church membership need not apply – they would do themselves more justice to state they are unbelievers with no interest in what Jesus has done for them,  although preferably they should reassess their position in this regard, and truly seek to become followers of Jesus rather than imposters.