Nothing new in the news on this one. Most serious Christians are more than aware that the world is heading down into an apostate state of affairs, where man rules and thinks they are God, because God has washed His Hands of them and allowed them to believe the lie they are so keen to follow.

I continually am lost as to why so many Christians in particular are not just deceived (I’ve been there!), but so utterly deceived beyond an ability to question what they’ve involved in, and at the very least to be uncomfortable about some aspects of it. I do understand how many ‘charismatic’ teachers (and I use that term in the sense of interesting, rather than any denomination) have the capacity to make people believe that they know what they’re talking about, and are somehow tuned in to God, but somewhere, somehow, the people who attend these cultish churches should surely be provoked to read scripture, and not only to read it, but be warned that anything that a Pastor promotes that isn’t in scripture should at the very least be questioned in a loving manner and if there is no resolution, then that person should leave that church.  Sadly rather than that happening, these people seem to manage to bring so many other new members into these churches, they start expanding rapidly and more and more are drawn into the heresies that abound therein.   Those who do dare to question are themselves often called apostate or otherwise rejected and made to feel like they are the problem.  

This clip on YouTube says it all, but I doubt too bennyhinnmachinegun.gifmany will really hear the message who really need to. I noticed on some other similar clips how many of the comments condemned those who were pointing out the wrongness of what’s being shown – these dissenters perhaps go to these churches, and felt that nobody should criticize a “man of God working under the power of the Holy Spirit”! What they fail to recognise is that the Holy Spirit never puts Himself in a role of being the controller of meetings or anything else for that matter – He is a Comforter and Teacher – not a provoker of chaos as is openly shown in so many of these ‘Charismatic’ meetings esp the likes of Benny Hinn and Rodney Howard Browne, etc.  I have no problem in stating that there is only one person who is the author of the type of chaotic confusion seen at such events, and it ain’t the Holy Spirit!!

While we should not judge inappropriately, we are certainly called to point out error and deception within the church and to provoke a scriptural response from those concerned that isn’t based on man’s sole interpretation of a couple of passages of scripture.   I’m tired of hearing how those who state that what happened on the Day of Pentecost was the same as what’s being perpetuated in Charismatic churches, or how being “slain in the spirit” is scriptural – someone PLEASE show me where anyone in scripture fell backwards, (apart tb.jpgfrom the Roman soldiers trying to take Jesus – hardly the same thing), lay down in a stupor that would rival any drug associated type, or who did things that absolutely could never honour God in any shape or form as in so many manifestations of the Toronto Blessing.   And for those who insist on stating that we should not stifle the work of the Holy Spirit – let’s just think about that one – what is His work??    Apart from His roles as Comforter and Teacher, His primary role is to point people to JESUS, not to Himself!!   He has never and will never take a primary role in any meeting in the way that Charismatic leaders try to promote, no matter how much they use scripture errantly to try and persuade the masses otherwise.   Don’t get me wrong – before all you Charismatic types (of whom I used to be one bigtime!) criticize or condemn my views, I’m not saying that everything done within such churches is wrong – just some practices/doctrines in some churches, although I know the likes of the “slain in the spirit” phenomenon is heavily practiced throughout most, and it is the one thing I have the biggest problem with.   

I appreciate all of you as my Christian family regardless – what I have learnt through the past two decades since coming out of the charismatic scene is that it’s no different to any other doctrine or branch of Christianity per se – each has its errors and each defends their stance to the hilt, so I’m not in any way desiring to fall out with any of my “Charismatic” friends online over my views on this – but I have to be true to my own beliefs also.   Comments appreciated.   Blessings.