Having finally got finished with Christmas Card production sometime late January, dl-faith.jpgI’m now starting back into my general range for this year, with some old and some new styles. I’ve got most pleasure as always with production of decoupage cards which truly provide me with the most enjoyment making and fulfillment giving as well, as certainly here in N. Ireland, few people have yet seen these 3D cards, so they go down really well no matter what the occasion. Thankfully, my CTS surgery has indeed made a good difference to my ability to cut out my decoupage sheets now, as well as the work involved in putting the cards together.

The DL ones like this one are a firm favourite as it’s so easy to change the text to anything suitable for any occasion and still make the same size and style of card. I also change the colour coordination on many of these too to suit the decoupage although sometimes get caught out and have to try and find decoupage to suit the colour scheme – not as easy as it might seem to be 🙂

If you’d like to view some more of this particular range as opposed to the Christmas ones which you can still see if you click on the link in this post – then check out:


Some of these have gone down particularly well e.g. the Christian set of C6 cards with a scripture verse of thanksgiving and the decoupage were used by my church to send out to helpers who’ve been working hard there.   Others were useful as Get Well cards, or just to let people know they were being thought about.   But like most other card makers no matter how many I manage to give away, I always seem to end up with at least a box or two sitting doing very little, but yet somehow too nice to pass on anywhere just yet :)).