who-is-god.jpgHave you ever really stopped to think about God? Other than in praying to him, I mean. Have you ever thought about the billions of people on this planet, and how He knows every single one of them intimately, not to mention knowing their thoughts even before they do? Or that He controls every single nanoatom of creation and maintains it by His Will alone? That first question was the one that grabbed me yesterday, as I drove though my local city and while stopped at traffic lights, just looked around me at the volume of people rushing around going about their business. I got wondering about their lives and from there just had this realisation that God knows each and every one of them, and then tried to figure that one out in some way in my head, which just left me in total awe, and an overwhelming recognition that I truly can’t comprehend the magnitude of our God in any shape or form. However, it then made me think how all the more incredible it is that He “became flesh and walked among us” also – to contract Himself down into His creation while an easy thing for Him to do biologically in a sense, had to be an immense thing to do spiritually – for a sinless Being to take on fallen human flesh and to be willing to allow His creation to ignore Him, abuse Him and ultimately kill Him for their own good is beyond the comprehension of most of us. And sadly, for many that’s what stops them from looking any closer or considering the truth behind the facts. But that’s where faith comes in too – Christians are unique because we follow a Risen Saviour – not a dead prophet or leader, and I think, for me at least, once you meet Jesus, you could no more deny His existence than you could your own life. I so wish that those who insist on refusing to consider the Gift of Salvation as provided to them through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross would just rethink their stance. I’ve talked to some who state the reason they can’t or don’t is because nobody can provide any proof that God exists or that Jesus did/does etc, but I find it intriguing that they use that as a reason. There are many other things in this life we cannot prove – e.g the Big Bang (this can disproved more than proven), evolution (same), and conversely that God does not exist!

But coming back to my point about the Awesomeness of the God we serve, it reminds me of Psalm 8:

Psa 8:4: What is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him?

We truly have no idea of our position before Him, nor of the true Being behind that word “God” – we joke about Him, swear by Him and about Him, cheat Him, ignore Him, argue with Him, and grieve Him continually with our arrogance and self Will and that’s US – as Christians – far worse is committed against Him by those who aren’t! And we all dare to think we’re acceptable before Him and have a right to whatever we desire Him to do for us, as if He’s some “Santa Claus” in the sky – there purely for our enjoyment and need! I truly marvel that He hasn’t destroyed the world again and gone back on His promise to Noah – we are utterly fortunate He is a God that doesn’t do such things or we would be totally lost.

If we could only connect (in the sense of understanding), with that Power that He has, which can destroy our entire being just by being in His Presence, or looking at Him (if such were still possible here on earth), I wonder would we be any less arrogant before Him? Somehow I doubt it, because we live in an age of self-will to the uttermost, where we can never be humble because such is considered weakness, and where we cannot accept we have NO rights before Him. As Christians, we know our just reward is death, and most of us appreciate that it’s only by Jesus’ sacrifice that we can approach God in any shape or form, yet I know personally I still manage to forget that important fact when praying sometimes, and think that I’m approaching God in my own right for my needs just because I am saved! I have to confess I fear the God of the OT much more as He had no time for those who dared to question His Will or didn’t heed His warnings at any time, much less those who dared to openly defy Him. And others sadly take the God of the NT as revealed through Jesus to the extreme too, where they then deny His Just nature, by stating that He is All-Loving, and thus would never consign anyone to hell for any reason – while many desire to think that true, it’s absolutely not, because His nature never changes, and thus will sadly be utterly shocked when they die and discover the Truth when it’s too late to change their mind about it. God is going all out to try and provide as many people as possible with knowledge about Himself through His Word, but we prefer to mould (mold?) Him into someone we can better understand or manipulate, which ultimately will be our downfall. Again, even as Christians who should know better, we also attempt to do this sometimes – every time we try to pretend that our sin isn’t that important, or that we’ve not committed as serious a sin as someone else thus we are okay, we’re trying to make God into a less Just Being who will overlook our sins or actions, just because we’re “saved!” Begs the question – How big is YOUR God???