As I know some of you are following my ongoing saga with my carpal tunnel and related arm pain, I figured you might be interested in this particular update – all the more so if you by any chance suffer from fibromyalgia or myofascial pain syndrome.   I have both now seemingly, having spent the last 12 years with just the former.

If you read my last post on this topic before Christmas, you’ll remember I had a miraculous healing of my upper arm pain after my CTS surgery.  However, before that point a referral to a new pain clinic had been put in place, which really came about purely as a (Divine) mistake (there are no coincidences in God’s Will!!) – and I duly got an appt through 2 weeks ago.   I was almost going to either cancel it or put it back as I’d only had an odd night with any sort of minimal pain in the arm to contend with, and worried I was going to waste the appt, but after praying a lot about the situation, recognising that God had to have engineered the appt to start with, and having friends, family and my GP recommending I attend, I duly did so.   And as it turned out, it was absolutely His Will for me to do so given the outcome.

This new doctor (a Dr. Pamela Bell of Musgrave Park Hospital for anyone in Ulster!) was wonderful – very empathetic, and let me outline the whole saga before examining me.   Within 2 mins or less, she found what she believes to be the source of all that trauma last year, and it’s so darned simple I’m at a total loss to understand why not only my Rheumatologist, but 3 other docs didn’t find it when I was on the ward for the whole month of August last year!!   Nothing more (possibly) than a simple myofascial trigger point.   Seems these differ radically from fibromyalgia tender points – something I’ve been blissfully unaware about all these years of synonomously (sp) using the two terms as if they were one and the same.

At any rate, this particular TP is fairly extensive and deep, and certainly exquisitely tender when she was working at it, reproducing the same intense pain within seconds, so it does appear to indeed be the culprit.   And requires an equally simple fix too – an injection of local anaesthetic, which is going to be done on February 8 so not long to wait.  She’s hopeful this will sort out the problem, but if not, her last resort will be to use botox, which would relax the TP out but would also have a rough side effect of leaving me with a very weak upper arm for up to 3 months, so wouldn’t be rushing to have that one done.


However, it feels very much as if the Lord, having granted me His healing of this problem, is now just finalising things by granting me a medical closure on it too in a sense.  Certainly be interesting to see how it all pans out.  But it just goes to show that you truly cannot make the assumption that any specialist knows everything about even his own speciality, and to always seek other avenues, and pray continually about every step you have to take with your health.   Can’t remember if I said in my last post on this topic, but the most important lesson I learnt from Him through this trial is to ask HIM to heal me first, before expecting doctors to do so – my mistake had been to only ever ask God to grant the medics the skills required to sort me out, but not to ask Him Himself to do so – only defence I have (which is truly none at all) is that this was my area of control and I preferred to maintain it, plus I’ve come through a very rough patch of having to deal with a well meaning but utterly dangerous church I attended in the 1980s whose practices truly almost destroyed my faith completely – all over an illness I suffered at that time.   Many of you no doubt have equally suffered at the hands of such – those who try to demonise your illness, or you, if you don’t leap up dancing after they’ve prayed for you?  Sadly too many of them around still, but it’s been a hard road for me to overcome my natural instinct to run a mile when anyone so much as mentions praying for my healing, or attending a healing service etc.  But praise God – He has finally brought me out the other side of that one, and led me to my first healing service last year in my current church which is more solidly grounded, and from that night on, I knew He was working an awesome plan out for me, which culminated in my healing in December.  I’ve also learnt that healing isn’t purely just physical, and should never be viewed as such on its own – I’ve had far more mental and emotional healing than physical, but appreciate any touch from Him that strengthens me in every way to serve Him better.