Happy New Year!

Ok – so if you’re a DaVinci code fan and thinking that’s what this is going to be about, then move on as it’s not. But if you’re a bible lover or curious about hidden codes in the bible then do read on. And no – I’m equally not going to work through those other hidden codes that have become infamous – who died and how, and who’s going to die up ahead ones – no, this is something I think is much more fascinating and truly declares the Glory of God from verse 1 of Genesis onwards.

bible-pic.jpgAbout two years ago I had been praying hard for God to provide me with some enthusiasm for His Word, and to drive me into it, as like many Christians I’d become somewhat stale in my scripture reading – pretty much nonexistent at that time. One day I found myself on a website I’d bookmarked some time earlier, but for some reason hadn’t really bothered much with, but this time it proved different. The site was called K-House – some of you probably know it well (as I do now), and I started listening to a guy called Chuck Missler talk about various subjects that took my fancy at that time. I got to like his style so much I decided it might be worth listening to him talk about the whole book of Genesis (until then I’d just listened to the 60/40 half-hour talks), and that’s when the whole world changed for me in respect of reading my bible! Never before in my Christian walk of 35 years odd, had I spent the guts of a week studying ONE verse or at most two, but that’s what happened in this particular case.

Ok – so you know Genesis 1 no doubt – even those who aren’t Christians know the basis of Genesis 1, if not the verses, but did you know what lies below those verses in terms of additional evidence and meaning? I didn’t. Now, before you worry that I’m going to take you verse by verse through them all, don’t panic – if you want to know the LOT, then I suggest you also go and work through the study with Chuck for yourself – way more fun than what little I’m going to share with you.


One of the most incredible insights I personally discovered was that within portions of the Torah (the Hebrew scriptures) there are loads of codes that testify to creation. One notable one in Genesis was located by a Dr. Rips – a Hebrew scientist using a computer followed on earlier research that Rabbi Weismandl had done revealing the hidden names of trees found in Genesis 1 & 2. These were:

Tamarisk (2), Terebinth, (-2). Thicket (or Dense forest) (-3), Citron (-3), Acacia (-3). Almond (5), Wheat (5), Date Palm(5), Cedar (-5), Aloe (6), Grape (-6), Boxthorn or Bramble (7), Cassia (7), Pomegranate (8), Gopherwood or fir (8), Thornbush [Crataegus] (9), Olive (-9), Pistachio Nut (13), Hazel (-13), Willow (-15), Oak (17), Vine (-18), Barley (-28), Chestnut (44), Poplar (-85).

Pretty extensive list and fascinating in my view that such information lies beneath the surface in that book more than any other. While many argue the reliability of many codes, and the way in which they are sometimes presented or their possible meaning, but they do appear to have some significance in my view, and are at the very least highly intruiging.

ScienceHowever, what Chuck also did with Genesis was to tie it in to many other books of the bible showing how many other scripture ‘authors’ testified to what was stated in what we now consider to be the first book of the Bible (although in reality was written later than Job for instance). Chuck takes you on a biochemistry, astronomy, botany, astrophysics, atomic engineering, history tour in a whole new and captivating way.

Next post will pull on some other fascinating aspects of scripture that you maybe haven’t either been aware of or haven’t thought about in the way they’re presented in scripture.


NB – for the purists among you, this is NOT the same as Kaballah where mysticism is used extensively to delve down into what is deemed by Christians to be an occultic means of obtaining codes and information in scriptures. What Chuck presents is readily and openly available to anyone with a computer and software to discover for themselves – no mysticism involved :).