If anyone would like to see some more Christmas card designs than are shown on my website, then have a squizz here:


This is just some of this year’s crop – 35 new designs and some quite nice ones at that.   If anyone wants to consider ordering a design for next year (rather well in advance admittedly , but I can keep a note and remind you nearer the time), then please visit the Kits&Cards website  and contact me from there rather than putting info into comments here. 

If you want to see some other older designs then head to this page:


I’m sadly rather behind in keeping my K&C website updated but would suggest you keep an eye on it through the year anyhow.  Hopefully next year, once I have my final CTS surgery I’ll have more opportunity to keep on top of it more, especially in the runup to next Christmas season. 

I started off producing Sympathy cards primarily, initially insisting I wasn’t going to get into the all occasion type cards, but bit by bit have ended up adding more of those to my range.   I would think that at least 90% of the cards have a spiritual flavour but I’m happy to make a card to order within reason (type, style, complexity etc).  

Thanks to all of those who’ve bought from me and continue to give me another reason to keep on producing (psychotherapy being the primary one LOL)!!  Smiley