As promised, just wanted to update you on the healing of my carpal tunnel and the incredible overall healing that God has graciously provided to me just this past week.  I have had the CTS about a year, but in April this year after a short course of steroids for it, I started to have a recurrence of bone pain (which I’d had since 2004 in multiple areas from bony infarcts) – this time in my right upper arm.   Didn’t worry too much about it initially, but as time went on, it became a major problem, because unlike all the previous the pain was much more intense and began within minutes of my arm being immobile for any reason, and always at its worst overnight.   After racking up to cancer doses of fentanyl patches (narcotics) for it without much relief I was admitted to my local rheumatology ward for tests in August.  Four weeks later I was discharged none the wiser than when I went in.   I came off the narcotics in order to resume driving again but the pain escalated 10-fold, and started in the left upper arm as well.   However, a course of hefty doses of brufen and aspirin at night was slowly starting to settle it down somewhat when I had my CTS surgery on the 30th November.   Five days later on my birthday I suddenly realised I’d slept the entire night without being woken once by pain.   Thought perhaps the drugs were kicking in better, but something told me this was different, so I started dropping the dose down, and now a week later, I still have NO pain in that arm which is nothing short of a miracle – and on my birthday too.   Having prayed like never before for release from it, and/or respite it’s just the most awesome feeling to finally be here.  However, while I was going through it I was constantly begging the Lord to act to remove it, until He showed me how that was a sin in the sense that if He determines I needed this trial to teach me something I’d not otherwise learn, who was I to turn round and refuse.   As I learnt to submit He taught me the most awesome lessons indeed and while I’d have preferred to not have to undergo dire pain, I’ve learnt SO much more about trials, suffering, His Will and His Mercy/Grace than I would indeed otherwise have cared to even try to understand.  

And so, I’m now finally in a pain-free state for the most part, although am still having some minimal left upper arm pain presumably from the CTS on that side but it’s nothing in comparison to what the right had been like.   Interesting too that not one of the docs I mentioned it to felt that it could in any way,. shape or form be attributed to the CTS.   But then they perhaps don’t have too many patients like me – totally back to front and upside down, always the opposite to what they expect. 

Typing is okay but the scar is catching me somewhat still, so trying to not overdo it too much just yet.   Because of my Sjogren’s (I think) the skin is rather dry and peeling over it, and although I think eventually it will probably heal perfectly, just at the minute it’s not looking too wonderful!   Just a few sutures left now to drop out (lost 2 today), and hopefully that should be it.  

The best bit has been getting back into some minimal card making – while I’d the bulk made and certainly all sorted and sent before surgery, I still like to keep it running as long as I can in advance of the next year, given I never know how much time I’ll have to make each time.   Made 4 tonight in the space of an hour which was good – all very simplistic ones again, but at least got them done.  Find it’s the best way for me to listen to my scripture reading if I’m being practically active in that way, otherwise I get distracted too easily.   If you visit my website over the next couple of weeks (ok, VERY late with it!), you just might be able to view some of them – only got the Christmas page started tonight so doubt I’ll finish it too quickly – hard work!   Or have a look at my other space on the net (not updated much tho), at – just put a few up there but at least they’re current! :))