Of Christmas that is.  I’m utterly shocked and saddened somewhat at the ongoing demise of Christmas in its spiritual format at least.  Secular, materialistic Christmas is not only alive and well but thriving more as the Government and other agencies to everything to ensure the country bankrupts itself in this month buying up endless supplies of unnecessary items to make people feel good about themselves more than anyone else.  However, many Christians are certainly noticing how employers all over the country have suddenly determined they daren’t let their staff mention the word “Christmas” in a sentence starting with “Happy”!  So they’re instructing their employees to say anything else along the lines of “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings” or whatever – just don’t mention the C word – it might offend the 5% of the countries minority religions who just might go out and riot or something.  Give me a break!   They’re living in a supposedly CHRISTIAN country – if they’re likely to be offended I’m sure most would have relatives in some Far East Muslim or Hindu or whatever religion they are, country.   Look – if I went to say Saudi Arabia to live, firstly I’d recognise the fact that my faith wasn’t allowed to be practiced there most likely or if it was, it wouldn’t be as I’d like it to be, but I’d certainly not be out shouting in the media or on the streets about how Ramadan offended my senses because it was a national holiday and everyone was nice to each other!  AND if I was stupid enough to try – well, lets just say I’d not be ever likely to be around to do it a second time!  

I’ve written before about the decline of the UK as a so-called Christian country, and can now only watch as it slides into humanism, secularism and probably Muslimism (ok so I know it’s not a proper word, but you get my drift!) before the end of this decade quite likely – yep in 4 years check back and see whether we’re there yet!

Ironically after saying all that, I’m equally not going to be celebrating Christmas – well, not the secular, materialistic one at any rate.   I’ve ditched the tree and dumped the decorations and next year am considering finishing with presents too if I can find enough friends willing to join me in my quest.   I’ve had enough of this give £10 to get £10 back routine, especially when it more usually involves me spending a further £5 in postage on items from the internet (being my only means of shopping these days),  which most times I’ve no hope of pleasing the recipient with, and are bought primarily because they’re in my budget or appeal to me.   Pointless in every respect.   So, next year, I truly want to try and persuade friends and family to leave me out of their present loop and see what happens.   Some I suspect will still insist on getting me something, which is then only going to pile on tons of (uncalled for) guilt and me apologising profusely since I won’t be able to get angry about it.   And if you’re one of those likely friends – PLEASE listen up – don’t, please, don’t buy for me – do yourself a favour and enjoy having one less person to have to think about.  

Jesus-manger sceneFinally – back to what this season is supposed to be all about – Jesus – the One Who created everything, and who holds everything in His Divine Hands.   Every breath you take is because He Wills it – absolutely no other reason.   Have you thanked Him today for that fact??    And have you ever truly connected with the awesome fact that the Creator of this world and everything in it, allowed Himself to be lowered into His creation for the sole purpose of allowing that creation to kill Him so that He could provide them with eternal Life?   I know I certainly can’t get my head around the concept of God becoming Man only to have to die for us to live – the only way we could return to where He’d always wanted us to be – in eternal sinless communion with Him.  And even more gobsmacking is the fact that He’d already died before He created anything (because He is outside of time!), and that even knowing that that was the only means of enabling us to have a sinless relationship with Him, He still went ahead with His Plan for mankind!   AWESOME!   So while you may be stressed out over needless present buying this Christmas, please at least have a thought for the One who came to this earth to give you the life you have and I trust if you haven’t already that you will come to recognise that the only way forward is to submit to Him, repent of your own sins and allow Him to truly lead you forward into the awesome eternity He has planned for you.   Maranatha, Come Lord Jesus.