Had the carpal tunnel op last Thurs afternoon, and it was awesome.  Watched the whole thing, not that there was much to see!   Was SO impressed with the staff & docs – couldn’t have done more to help me be comfortable, and ensure I didn’t have to cope with too much pain from the upper arm (as the hand was well dead by that stage!), and so the 15-20 mins of the op went in very fast indeed.   Mr. Lewis is awesome too – a lovely, caring, empathetic surgeon who truly did everything he could to ensure I was relaxed about the whole thing and whose humour made a huge difference to the ‘enjoyment’ of the whole experience.

I’ll maybe write more later about this,  but its a testimony to his workmanship, that I was able to get the dressing/plaster off this morning and have healed superbly in only 4 days so didn’t have to get another one on.  Been told I can use the hand within ‘pain boundaries’ but am finding it hard to be sensible as you can tell with this amount of (speed) typing!!  Still – suspect I’ll soon learn!