Once again, way behind in this blog, but good excuse – not been well again! Some things never change, and sadly some things do but not for the better. Anyways, not going to dwell on that in this note.

Instead I figured I’d take a little bit of time to update on some personal perspectives as they relate to current day events. Things appear to be continuing to move forward in God’s timetable for our end times. In fact, some Christians estimate we are more than near the end, but it’s right at the door for us, and we need to start taking more positive action. My view? Well, I happen to figure there’s about another 1250 years or so left for this planet – how do I get that – well, if you take it that there were 7 days of creation, and that God views 1 day as a thousand years (gotta be some good reason why that’s stated in His Word in my view!!), then I think it’s plausible to consider that there may also be 7000 years all in for this world. The Jewish calendar is currently showing a year of 5767, and actually if you also think of the fact that Jesus is going to reign on the earth once He returns for 1000 years, then I feel you could also feasibly state that there’s only about less than 250 years left for things to remain as they are at best. Somewhere up ahead is the awesome foretold concept of the Rapture of the Church from the world – if you’ve never heard of this teaching (as I hadn’t before I read the Left Behind series), then try some of these sites for a run down on the various doctrines behind it – just so you know, I’m a pre-trib believer, because it’s the sensible biblical view, and our God is absolutely sensible!

Gods graceAnother issue for me currently is knowing God’s Will in the midst of difficult trials and problems. My health situation is getting somewhat worse, and made more difficult because of nobody seemingly able to provide either diagnosis or treatment. I’ve been listening to a lot of sermons on the whole area of suffering and trials for the Christian, and what our response should be, and some have been truly uplifting. Pity I didn’t think to keep details of which ones they were now :(. At any rate, I’m learning to praise, not complain and to remember that absolutely EVERYTHING comes into my day by His Hand alone and not by chance or coincidence as others like to think. So I cannot argue against His Will in this, but rather work with Him and for Him, and allow Him to determine what it is He wants me to learn and to reveal to others about Him also. Tough lesson to learn when you’re going through something utterly horrendous at the time, and certainly in the middle of my nightly ‘torture’ with pain unlike any I’ve ever known, I’m have to confess I’m not overly worried about His Will, but more what can I do to escape it!! So the lesson continues, and bit by bit I’m learning to listen more, and talk less, and hear what He’s trying to say to me. Paul has now become more of my mentor than Job, because Paul had SO much more true torture to deal with regularly yet rarely complained or spent time focussing on how he was or wasn’t coping with it, other than to state that it was a fact of his life, yet he continued to not only remain faithful, but to keep very positive in the midst of each trial. So if you’re going through something similar, just hold on to the only one Who knows exactly where you’re at in the midst of it, and Who can deliver you out of it at the right time, but Who can also use you incredibly during it! Praise God for His endless Mercy and Grace to sinners like me.