I’ve just watched one of the scariest films thus far in my life – way ahead of any fictional horror movie, this is real life and a glimpse into the most horrific future if you live in the ‘West’, are a Christian or a Jew or anywhere in between (basically anyone other than a Muslim), and if you enjoy your democratic freedom! For if certain individuals following a certain ‘god of this age’ have their way, you will either convert to their ideology (Islam), or DIE – no in between measures allowed I’m afraid. Their radical ideology insists that they have no option but to take over the world for allah and destroy ALL other religions in the process, and it has to be said if you look at the world situation today, they’re not only quite well on the way to possibly achieving that, but are actually being heavily assisted by our idiotic Western secular philosophies that prevent you from speaking out about such things – in case you upset such nice, sensible, peaceful people!!! MADNESS – sheer, utter and hellish madness is all that attitude is. Fine if that’s what you want, but it’s certainly not what I want to see myself or my family having to deal with at any point, but sadly think scripture itself states it will indeed be the case. If you think I’m being unrealistic, scaremongering or just ranting then you really HAVE to watch this film and make up your own mind. It shows rather graphically just what the world is going to face up ahead, without one ‘religious’ overtone in sight i.e. no Christian viewpoint being bandied about, or any other belief (despite the fact that some of those speaking have specific faith beliefs of their own), but is presented as a purely factual documentary about the dangers of not learning from history.

On a personal note, I’ve not been too well, hence the longer delays in editing this Blog, but would like to thank those who’ve stopped by and emailed me notes and comments of encouragement and support – appreciate them all. Thankfully not had any derogatory comments or notes as yet, but then this blog tends to be more private than public, so suspect they’ll come some day.