The Lord has confirmed yet again for me that He is fully in control of my life for as long as I submit fully to Him, and perhaps even despite my being disobedient in not doing so with some areas, notably my health. I like to be in control of many things and have discovered that submission may not always be as simple as just saying “I submit”!!

Having recently attended my first healing meeting in the guts of 20 years (not that I’ve been ill that long tho), I figured things would maybe improve, but ironically I appear to be getting worse rather than better. However, it was incredible to have Him reveal yet again to me how He knows my path up ahead and is paving the way right now for future events to occur for me to walk into. Way back in April I attended my Consultant to have my right hand injected for carpal tunnel. The week or two before that appt I’d thrown another ‘bony infarct’ (area of bone death) – my 8th in two years, so at that point I wasn’t overly concerned, although I did go and get an x-ray done just to ensure that really was the problem, as I’d hit my shoulder badly the week before. They felt it was, and so that was that – I left my Consultant that day hopeful of some improvement in my right hand, but it wasn’t to be. However, I was pleased to get another appt out about 10 days later or so for the same clinic to get the left hand injected (I presumed). Then, when I then saw him a month ago, he determined that he’d just refer me on for surgery given the lack of improvement, and I was assuming that would be just for the right hand, since I had this appt last week for the clinic. So when I turned up at the clinic (minus the appt letter stupidly), and the secretary told me I didn’t have an appt, I was shocked to say the least. I couldn’t figure out how I could have got it that wrong, as I’m fairly careful about such things. However, Prof Finch agreed to see me anyway which was another incredible blessing as his clinic was full to overflowing. When I went in, he stated that he didn’t know why I was there, as he had referred me for the surgery, and there was no point in doing any injections since they obviously didn’t work. I told him I wasn’t worried about that problem in the least, and instead outlined how the last 3 months of bone pain have been my worst ever, and have caused endless problems. The net outcome was that he’s readmitting me for more specific isotope tests this time to try and pin down how bad the problem actually is. Now ordinarily I would just have thought myself lucky to have seen him and not perhaps connected things spiritually, but when I came home and found I was right – the letter was sent out in April for the 29th at 9 a.m. – I realised that it truly had to be down to the Lord – He knew then that I would need this appt badly at this stage (otherwise it would have been months yet before I could have seen him), and so motivated someone to make a ‘mistake’ and send it out to me!!! The double encouragement for me, is knowing that He is thus most definitely going to bring about the right outcome from this new admission – another step forward – and ultimately I’m really excited now to see how it all pans out.

Can’t come quick enough given how bad I’ve been this past two weeks or so. But my prayer is that He will use me through this difficult time and enable me to reveal Him to many others in the midst of my ‘suffering’. He is truly one AWESOME GOD!!!

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