Our GOD that is! He is without doubt THE most awesome, incredible, mind blowing, incomprehensible, amazing, (want me to go on?) Being that we could ever have the privilege of knowing. Difference is that He is also our Creator – the One who x years ago granted us life on this incredible ball of earth, and gave us the free will to go and enjoy it yet with a huge desire for us to return to Him and acknowledge that most important fact – our freedom given by Him. And it is ultimately that free will that drives all of us in various directions for various reasons in life. Again, I look at the faith of Islam to make that point more tenable – Muslims are born into a religion that refuses to grant them the one thing we NEED and that the Judeo-Christian God alone provides – freedom to choose. Although Catholicism is perhaps similar in its inability to allow its members to consider another faith easily, it at least does still provide for the facility to a much greater degree. The huge Protestant diversity comes in part from that freedom to choose – only we’ve managed to perhaps go utterly overboard, to the extent that there now appears to almost be a church for every aspect of doctrine around. The danger there is that some churches get SO wrapped up in a particular doctrine they cease to be a true church, as they equally decry those who don’t accept that their doctrinal stance is the right one. I’ve often thought that if you could merge together the Methodists, Presbyterians and Baptists mainly, you might just have the making of a fairly solid church, but sadly that’s unlikely to ever happen, as I’ve only discovered recently (something others have known a long time, but I somehow managed to miss), that Methodists are Arminians and Baptists are “Calvinists” and never the twain shall meet, merge or otherwise compromise on their fundamental beliefs. But although I’m a Methodist originally by choice, but laterally seemingly by God’s choice, I don’t hold to the fullest extent of Arminian doctrine in the least. While I would hold to certain precepts within it, I can also do the same with Calvinism too, and am thus what I fondly term a Calvinistic Arminian!!

However, more importantly, to get back to the original topic of the post. I have been contemplating a lot lately just what it is to know God – how utterly awesome He is, and how no matter how hard I try, I never feel like I give Him the reverence He is due. And I’ve been trying to learn more about how to treat Him with respect, honour Him and please Him as He is due. The one thing I have learnt to do is to go back to Jewish history – although even today, the Jews understand His nature SO much better than we can, and perhaps ever will.

Although sadly, I think today many of the ‘religious’ Jews are just that – religious – and their concept of reverence is continual ritual, and for some, totally meaningless, as they don’t know enough Hebrew to connect with what they’re reading (but that doesn’t stop them). The truly worshipful Jews of the early years of history understood to a greater degree how God required them to treat Him, and they did so appropriately. They still will not speak or write His name for fear of dishonouring Him although some of the Rabbi’s have overdone this concept too sadly. But it’s still a good one to take notice of, and one I’m certainly going to attempt to a degree. I’m not going to do it in the same way, as I think that in turn sort of dishonours the Jewish people who are His and His alone, and who have a totally unique relationship with Him as a result, but I am going to try and ensure I don’t speak about Him flippantly, or carelessly, but rather with careful intent. So perhaps something for you too to reflect on – this awesome Being who desired to create you with the intent and hope that you would accept Him as Lord and Master of your life, and maintain a strong submissive, and obedient relationship with Him. His Will IS perfect – I’ve learnt that 10 times over as I look back on my life, and His Love is eternal, and unlike any love you’ll ever have in any other way or from any other source in this life. So if you haven’t already considered meeting Him, PLEASE, please do before time literally does run out!