I was watching another of David Attenborough’s (the great Atheistic Naturalist) programme’s this morning and this one was primarily about the life of birds – from feeding through nest building, egg laying and propagation of their species, and in one 40-minute segment I suddenly realised I’d just watched all of the various species of bird commit almost every sin known to mankind!!! There were thieves, adulterers, and murderers, alongside those who worked deception or were broke the commandment about not coveting your neighbour’s goods and many other facets in between. And obviously you could find the same type of examples all the way through the animal kingdom just as easily, so it’s easy to see how the scriptures about the fall are so true:

Some of the stuff shown was totally new to me and I’ve watched many of these programmes in the past as well as studied biology and birds in particular for much of my youth – did you know that Great Crested Grebes (UK) feed feathers to their chicks for quite some time – smart parents are doing so because they also feed the chicks complete large fish which they swallow head first, and the feathers line the stomach thus preventing the bones of the fish doing damage. The adults will eat their own feathers, but that’s not quite as strange looking as them feeding them to their young!! Another (unknown) type of duck commits a cuckoo type ‘crime’ but not like the cuckoo which tends to wait until the parent bird is off the nest to snick in and lay its egg – no, this duck’s far more out there in its approach – jumps on top of the parent bird on the nest (which doesn’t budge from its spot), and pushes itself underneath the parent laying its egg in a heartbeat, almost unnoticeably, and then jumping off again (nests tend to be out on the water). Sometimes the parent figures out what’s gone on and dumps the egg overboard, but sometimes not – equally the ‘cuckoo’ duck doesn’t just do this (like the true cuckoo who doesn’t build itself a nest) but rather it goes on to build its own nest and lay its own eggs, but the difference now is that should its own nest be plundered as often happens, the eggs on the other nests will have a 30% of survival which can be all the species needs to propagate.Anyone who’s ever watched any of this type of programme surely has to be in awe of the massive variety and complexity of the natural world. Those who insist (like Attenborough) on believing in the ridiculous evolution theory, haven’t a true leg to stand on, in the face of the multitude of true species within any section of the animal or plant kingdom – no matter how they try to get round it, there’s absolutely not ONE instance of any ‘evolving’ species on this planet today (nor in the past x number of centuries). It’s SO obvious to those who believe the bible as God’s Word that He created absolutely everything on this planet, and probably did so for Himself more than us. I mean – why else are the most beautiful of all the fish in the ocean to be found at depths that nobody other than man in the most specialised vehicles is only now (6000 years on) starting to discover.

One in particular has stood out for me – the aptly nicknamed “Dumbo fish” – you have to really see his guy in action to truly appreciate the uniqueness and to some degree, hilarity of its looks – for me, only God could produce such a wonderful, unusual and equally beautiful creature that for the most part only HE can see!! What really angers me about people like David A is that he’ll often come off with statements questioning why such a thing should be (“…..amazing that some of the most colourful fish live at depths beyond man’s ability to see them….!”), yet he resolutely refuses to accept any more sensible reason for this, other than that x trillions of years ago, such awesome creatures started out life in some primordial soup which somehow managed to gain enough energy to diversify into what it is now – DUHHH! Tell you what though – takes a TON more faith to believe that rubbish than to believe in a Divine God!! But once again, that too comes down to people who absolutely cannot afford to entertain such a notion, because they know all too well that to do so, would, for them, open up the floodgates of personal responsibility issues, not the least of which is what to do about their sinful lives before a HOLY God!