I’m always fascinated by some of the bible stories that reveal the true nature of the problem of man. I was praying tonight and just marvelling once more at how little we truly, even as Christians connect with our salvation gift. Listening to how one person put it though was a great thought provoker – he asked – what if you had committed a heinous crime, one that required the death sentence, and then you went before a Judge, who heard your case, declared you Guilty, and conferred the death penalty on you. But then his son stepped up and said that actually he was going to take your sentence on himself and he would willingly die in your place, so that you could go free and live your life. You know where I’m going with this one, but just think of it in those terms – in human terms – how would you feel about that scenario? Do you reckon (as I did for a split second), that you’d be really quite selfish, and say “Great – ta very much” and leave him to it, or would you be grateful, but be racked with guilt over him doing that for you. Christian or not, that’s exactly what Jesus has done on the cross for every one (who is willing to accept the fact and repent of their sin), and I think many of us rarely really understand or appreciate his sacrifice in a way that would make us not only repentant, but eternally grateful beyond measure.

But it’s the reason why 2/3 of the world is split – because few wish to take responsibility for their crimes against God (sin) and say that they recognise their due punishment from Him as being just, and plead for His forgiveness and accept His plan (not ours!) for salvation into eternity. As one other sensible person put it – “strange how those who spend their entire life here running away from God and refusing to acknowledge Him in any way, shape or form, still think they’re going to heaven!!” DUHHHH! But too much of that attitude stems from an errant view of what heaven is all about, and few Christians really reeducate the masses when given opportunity to do so. Heaven is absolutely NOT all about peace, love, happiness and boredom for ever more – heaven is rather an eternity spent in the presence of the Almighty God, maker and creator of it and earth, and in worshipping that same God in recognition of the Awesome Person He is, and how you absolutely categorically don’t deserve to even contemplate being in His presence for a millisecond, let alone eternity, but for his grace and mercy in providing you the means to do so. Those who will be in heaven will ONLY be those who have loved Him, served Him and worshipped Him here on earth, and that’s not going to include a lot of Muslims, Hindus and even some Catholics I can tell you – too many nowadays think that we’re all talking about the same God – and that’s Satan’s best ploy yet. However, there is only ONE God, and that is the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob who sent His Son Jesus into the world as a sacrifice so that many could accept Him and become partakers of His Kingdom.

Just remember this if you disagree – If ALL roads lead to God, then Jesus died in vain!