Just thinking further on our bible reading from Proverbs (16:9) today “The mind of a man plans his way, but the Lord shows him what to do.”

I have to say that while there was a time in my life where the concept of truly following God’s Will for my life scared me from the point of view that He might just maybe decide He wanted me away off to Africa to be a missionary, and I really didn’t fancy that idea in the least. At the time I was in a very vibrant pentecostal church who were quite heavy on witnessing, and all of that sort of scared me a bit too, so I held back from truly submitting to God in that area. It was really only after my husband Stephen died (in 1998) that things changed in my spiritual life, and particularly by 2000 or so when the Lord started doing something incredible in my life. He opened up doors for me to consider attempting something that for me was so incredible, it really didn’t seem possible that I could contemplate it, let alone walk into the reality of it – learning to fly and gaining a Pilot’s Licence. It was a true turning point in my lesson on not only how to listen for God’s voice in the bustle of everyday life, but also how to be patient and know His Will is perfect – not only in its outworking, but also in its timing which for me was the toughest bit. When I had things that were time-dependent, and time (in my view) seemed to be running out, I truly had to be patient and wait – ultimately He not only came through with what I needed, but so much more besides. He opened up the doors for me to get a Scholarship which provided for me to go to South Africa (intriguing that one eh?) for a whole 2 months to learn to fly with one of the best private flying schools in that area in Port Alfred (43 Flying School) which proved to be an utterly awesome experience from every respect. However, sadly, because of severe knee problems, and a major lupus flareup (from sitting out in the sun too much!), I ended up leaving the first year 10 hours short of completing, but somehow I knew the minute I got home, that I was to return yet at that point, there was absolutely NO earthly (!) reason to consider that notion in the least.

But once again, God spoke to me throughout the next 12 months or so, and after more lessons in patience, I once again went back out to SA and spent a further three weeks there. However, this time round, I knew the purpose of the visit wasn’t for the flying (and that was confirmed by many things, not least the fact that the weather was totally appalling for the first time in years!), so I had a totally different but nearly more enjoyable time there. Went to church with one of the flying instructors which was great, and met many new people. Only He knows what was achieved during that second stay, as I have to admit I can’t think of any really obvious reason for my getting that second opportunity in all honesty. But all in all, those couple of years really did teach me vital lessons – firstly that God’s will IS perfect, and secondly, whatever He wants us to do, He will prepare the way for us, and enable us to walk into His Will with JOY, not fear.

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” 2Tim 1:7.