Anyone who knows me, knows that not only am I heavily fundamental about scripture (its validity, purpose and Truth), but also that I’m hugely into prophecy too. I can remember exactly when I started to gain that interest – back in 1998 when I discovered the Left Behind series of books. Based on the concept of the Rapture from scripture, the books led me on a whole voyage of discovery through scriptures I’d never really read before, or more importantly (like many unbelievers also) were totally closed to my understanding. One such book was Daniel – up until that time I really couldn’t connect with the book at all, but after a wonderful trip to Israel in the spring of 1999, everything suddenly opened up for me. I found that Daniel in particular suddenly not only made sense, but I could even correlate (on my own) many parts of it to other prophetic books such as Zechariah and The Revelation. From there, things just increased all roads for me in my understanding of scripture and my enjoyment of many parts of it, and so I’ve continued on in my interest of ‘eschatology’ or end-times events. And those events just keep on coming and happening as Jesus foretold.

Rampant apostasy is already evident worldwide, the continuing rise of the false religions (Islam, Hinduism, New Age, Mormons etc), the escalation of “natural” disasters many of which might possibly be God’s judgment on the nations for their overt disobedience and turning away from Him – there was another huge one today – a major earthquake in Indonesia (guess what – an Islamic country!) and so many other fulfilments of prophecy.

Even in the US alone (which many consider to be a Christian country almost in its entirety), it’s been postulated that God is judging many of the states for their actions and attitudes before Him, because of the volume of disasters that have hit many states over the past decade or more. Bill Koenig who is a WhiteHouse correspondent has suggested that many of these have arisen each time the US in some shape or form determines to change the structure of Israel. He’s written an excellent book called “Eye to Eye” which documents fairly specifically each instance of a disaster and the corresponding possible ’cause’ e.g. a mandate for Israel to relinquish land, and which is very compelling reading. He gave a nice interview on Jewish Voice International, and puts the case very convincingly in it. It’s certainly made me look afresh at other so-called natural disasters in a whole new light to consider that perhaps many of these may indeed be judgments on certain nations or places for their refusal to accept the One True Living God of Israel as the ONLY true living God to serve and worship. No doubt many may find the fact unsavoury or even hard to accept, but sadly those who are following Islam are also way off on the wrong track – Islam is all about death – you only have to look at those in so-called ‘Palestine’ to see that. What kind of god do they serve that glories in the death of children, and what kind of people blindly follow that type of religion to the point where they’re not only accepting of its tenets to such a degree, but can’t wait to sacrifice their children in some vain hope of changing anything. The true God of Israel is a God of LIFE on the other hand. He constantly desires people to come to Him so that they could not only discover the joys of life on this earth in a whole new and vibrant, exciting way, but also that they could have the security of ETERNAL LIFE and forgiveness for sins – something Islam doesn’t even deal with. But that’s sadly what keeps many in it – just be good, and get in under the radar – you’ll be accepted by god (in Islam) if you just stick to the basics and don’t annoy him in case he gets angry enough to prevent you entrance. Or better still, go out and kill a few infidels for the cause to please him – and that’s not my words – that’s what the Palestinians aka Hamas are saying daily to their children. The Palestinians are indeed just the current day Philistines, with all the same wrong desires, and angst against their cousins Israel – except that God has favoured the latter over the former permanently, and so Satan has now taken up their cause, and is working them into a frenzy to get them to do his job – he still thinks he’s a hope of changing the outcome of his eternal destiny which God has already secured and lies waiting for him. So while there is still time, he races around this tiny planet, seeding discord, discontent, anger (just look at our teens these days – totally angry and they don’t even know at what!), resentment, hatred etc – and aims it primarily at Christians whether directly by persecution (again, ironically, particularly in ‘peace loving’ Islamic countries!!), or indirectly by attacking our values and making us out to be the ones in error.

What really angered me today though was hearing that Prince Charles – so called “Defender of the Faith” is seemingly now going to stop defending it, in favour of keeping all the Muslims (primarily) happy, and is going to try and have an all-inclusive coronation. Totally mad but not surprising given he’s been wandering off on the wide path for some time now. And so it will continue, but someday in the not too distant future, things will change in a way that will utterly rock the world to its core, and pave the way for the introduction of the wonderful AntiChrist to sort it all out.

And if all that has tweaked your appetite for any form of prophecy in the least (and I pray it has been more positive than negative in its effects), then head off to this great link: