For taking Bathsheba to himself and then after having committed one major sin, goes and commits an even worse one (in our eyes), by having her poor hubby deliberately put in danger with the certain knowledge that he would be killed in battle. However, apart from his major repentance after his first son to Bathsheba dies just after birth, he redeems himself to some degree by marrying her and having another son (Solomon), whom God raised up to undertake what David could have done if he’d not been so bloodthirsty.

For me though, I marvel at how David could kill indirectly so easily – but then it seems in those days that kings did do that a lot – they were used to being out in the middle of battles and fighting all and sundry for their territory.

In the NT readings today, Jesus stated that we would be hated by the world for following Him, and that’s become SO true in so many ways sadly. Persecution against Christians is at an all-time high if you take in to account, all those who have no freedom of speech any longer, and even here in the UK are being put in jail or prosecuted etc for speaking the Truth – nothing more, nothing less. Especially where homosexuality is concerned – I also stand firmly on the Word – God says what He means, and means what He says, and He has said on a number of occasions, that it is THE most detestable sin in His sight – primarily because it goes against the very laws of nature He originally created – if homosexuals had their way, the world would stagnate through lack of procreation – no more children – now wouldn’t that be something? Many people spout “Live and let live” which sounds a nice ideology until you assess their own beliefs – usually none at all, or at worst Humanist in origin. I believe that if you are going to stand up for your faith, then you’d better be willing to do it totally or not at all – bit like the Bible – you can’t pick and choose what bits of it are useful to you, and just ditch the rest. It speaks for itself, as being THE most unique book on this planet – Jesus said His Word would endure forever, and it’s showing every sign of doing so at this point. No other book has the ability to connect with the human soul as it does – God speaks through every page, and every page points to Jesus.

If you’re still sceptical, but would be interested in considering reading something of scriptures at least, then why not tackle one of the gospels first and while I’m a traditionalist primarily thus into the KJV, I do accept that new people to the Word are best provided a more easily read version so try this one – should be a useful one for starters at least. John 3:16 is the most famous verse in the whole bible for most, so make sure you really let Him speak to you through it, if you get that far. ENJOY!