Today’s topics were varied in our bible reading online – David doing his usual – slaughtering and praising – truly sometimes do wonder how he became the apple of God’s eye and commanded such divine attention in a sense. But the other side of the coin is recognising how God often did command a certain volume of people (usually heathens to my knowledge) to be killed, right down to the babies which is hard to cope with, as is the fact that beheading was common practice amongst God’s people at that time. Horrible practice for any time in my opinion.

More important though, was the reference God made to how He would put someone on David’s throne (rather than David himself) who would lead the nation into peace and provide God with a more lasting covenant and place to dwell. I got a bit confused on this one, but think it meant Solomon first at least, and then obviously Jesus (who has yet to reign on David’s throne too).

Annoyingly trying to place an image in, somehow managed to lose me 2/3 of my post which I couldn’t then recover, and now have to try and remember what I’d written!!

Think I was saying about how in the NT we were looking at Jesus once again berating his disciples on not understanding what He was trying to convey to them about the importance of His leaving. I can understand their confusion to some degree, as it must have been quite tough on them to contemplate this teacher whom they revered so much talking about His death so definitively. It’s so much easier for us on the other side of the table to see things more clearly, but I certainly never think I’d have fared any differently than they if I was put into that situation. I too, would have found much of what He said hard to accept or take in. Thankfully God is gracious and merciful to those He chooses and so the disciples eventually ‘got it!’ and went on to do one awesome job in conveying the message to us.

I was then discussing too how amazing it is that much of scripture has been recorded verbatim, but it is seen that scribes and recorders are found even in David’s day – how much more prevalent must they have been in Jesus’. And the Holy Spirit would have ensured that His Words were not lost but recorded faithfully as He said that His Word would endure FOREVER!!!