I just had a dire realisation tonight when praying – somewhere over my years of prayers, I’ve come to expect God to please me – as much as I consider it’s my role to please Him, I suddenly came to that shocking awareness tonight, that a lot of the time, part of the reason we pray is to have Him do something to please US – and I ended up truly repenting of that attitude. Just think on it – who are we to expect anything of God, much less that he do what we want! Yet for whatever reason that’s what we do – we ask Him to grant us a good day, or we look for him to provide us extra money for something, or no doubt some may actually even ask Him to let them win the Lottery or whatever. Is it any wonder He says NO a lot of the time. We must surely grieve Him with our attitude to our finances – we think our money is all ours to do with as we please, instead of recognising it’s all HIS to do with as HE pleases – if he deigns to provide it to us for our enjoyment and/or to meet our needs, we have no right to expect that constantly. When it comes to tithing – that wonderful principle of giving Him back 10% – we should consider ourselves very fortunate – He could have said – I want you to give me back 50% and willingly – which is really what our attitude at least should be, regardless of whether we actually manage to give that amount or not. I heard someone teaching on this recently state the most obvious thing (to me at least) – if you can’t give £1 without resentment, you would be better off not doing so – whatever you give whether 1% or 50% unless you give it freely and willingly, it’s pointless – after all, would you want someone resenting giving you something and wishing they didn’t have to do so?? Why should you treat God any less. He provides for us because He loves us and desires to bless us, but it is absolutely His right as to how much and when he does so.

I’m just grateful for having learnt yet another valuable lesson today – it’s another aspect of my Christian walk I absolutely appreciate – how He teaches me new things every day, and takes the most mundane concepts sometimes to do so :)).