Listening to a program relating to the saga of the Israelites, I heard a really good story related:When Abraham was a small boy, his father Terah who sold idols to the local pagans, left Abraham to mind his ‘shop’ – when he returned some hours later, all the idols were smashed to pieces – all except the largest one. When Terah asked Abraham what had happened, the boy said “Don’t blame me, the largest god beat up all the smaller ones”, to which Terah replied – “Don’t be silly – they’re just wood and stone – there’s no life in them!” Abraham turned to him and said “EXACTLY – they’re worthless and useless and of no value to be looked on as gods or to have any value in any other respect either.”

Have you any worthless and useless idols in your life?? I know at times my PC can be one of mine – that’s if you look on the definition of god as something/someone you spend your time worshiping and if an idol is something that equally you give most of your time/energy and/or devotion to, with little value in return, then I think I’d have to say I’m guilty. However, sadly, in this world many people worship much more dangerous idols – true idolatrous worship of the gods of the age – humanism, socialism, fascism etc, along with the worse occultism and spiritism. Hard to understand why when the One True God of Israel, our creator, has made us to worship Him alone, and only in doing so are we ever truly free – free to be ourselves, and free to know Truth and Righteousness, while also knowing we are worshiping a Holy and Awesome God. If you don’t know Him, it may be time to rethink your spiritual strategies in life. While many claim there are “many roads to God,” God states there is only one – through Jesus, and if many roads do indeed lead to Him, then Jesus died in vain! Think on that.

Do you want to spend eternity separated from the only One who makes life (here or there) worth living for! Here you have a choice (there you don’t!) – use it wisely. Time IS running out – faster than we perhaps realise, and sadly, for many a day will arrive all too soon, when the choices will be removed, and God will once again step into history to judge this world for its sins against Him.

I have to say personally, that without doubt my life has been ultimately tons richer for having a relationship with God through Jesus – I have hope for the future and security for the present – I may not always understand why He allows certain things into my life, but I KNOW He will use them for His good (not necessarily mine!) and that’s all that matters to me. I can be 100% comfortable in the knowledge that His Will is perfect, and that whatever He brings into my life each day can be used to teach me better how to walk with Him and hear His Voice more clearly. I’m heavily disabled by a multitude of chronic pain and rheumatic conditions, which many assume must mean I’m totally miserable – yet because (and ONLY because) of my relationship with God, I’m truly the happiest I could imagine. Doesn’t mean I don’t have tough days, or days when I’m at the end of my tether physically – but it does mean I’ve an inner joy which enables me to better recognise that this day will soon be over and another one will start shortly, and may be much better than this – bright mountains are ALWAYS preceded by dark valleys, and some may be darker than others.

If you’re finding this concept tough to get to grips with in your own life, please write a comment – I’d be more than happy to hear your views and problems and be there for you to bounce things off if you desire.